Homeschool Mom-Sometimes We All Need A Time Out


My littles have been at home, with me, for nearly an entire year now. They came home from spring break in 2020 and never went back to the traditional school. Somedays it’s dreamy and we all get so much done. We mesh well together. Sometimes this homeschool mom feels on top of the world.

Sometimes we all need a time out.

Early in my motherhood journey I swore up and down, backwards and forwards that I was not a homeschool mom. I definitely didn’t feel qualified with my *some college, no degree, and the fact that I quit math after getting a C in pre-calculus my junior year of high school. Teachers are trained and want to do this work, I thought. 

While we’ve been at home schooling now for an entire semester, I definitely don’t have it all figured out. My todo lists are rarely, if ever, completed. My house is always a hot mess except that blessed day every other Wednesday when my saint of a housecleaner comes. Feel free to stop by to witness this phenom, but also please let me know you’re stopping by so I can clean up a little for company. When we restarted school for this semester, Owen sighed with relief and said, “Man, it feels good to be back.” I’m obviously doing something right. 

Motherhood is such a wild journey as it is. Adding in this entirely extra aspect, one that I still don’t feel qualified to undertake, has been a lot. I love the slow mornings, the giggles as we learn something new, together. Seriously this science curriculum we are doing is intense and I know more now about tectonic plates at 37 than I ever did going through fourth and second grade.

Maybe, just maybe I am a homeschool mom. At least for this season.

I’m not going to lie. It’s been so rewarding to see them learning. To be a witness of their eager brains soaking up this knowledge. It’s an honor, truly. While I definitely don’t think I’m qualified to teach in general, this year, they’re getting such a concentrated education. Yes, we have our bad days, they’re usually Thursday for those keeping track but we also have a score of good days.

Yet, as a homeschool mom sometimes we all need a time out or maybe a nap.

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