I Sold My Minivan and I’m Never Going Back


I want to tell you the tale of my life with a minivan…  Living near the beach with kids it goes without saying that my car is full of summer gear, soccer balls, toys, beach chairs, sand; LOTS of Sand. When we found out we were having a second child we thought – well we need a bigger car, maybe a minivan!  Mamas, if you’re in this stage of life and considering a minivan – maybe don’t.. just my opinion

I understand that may not be a fair statement because I get it; those sliding doors that a 2-3 year old can crawl through to get into the car are amazing! The fact that my driver seat had eight cupholders within immediate reach, but fourteen total – game changing. & hello juice cupsBut mamas lets get real. It was crushing my self esteem!

I never saw myself as a minivan mom and as superficial as that is (or sounds) it was a real problem. Then it hit me  – YOU’RE A TOTAL MINIVAN MOM! I tried to get the cute haircut and just really own the look but it wasn’t me, no matter what I tried. I was trapped inside the minivan screaming *Help – Super Cool Mom Trapped INSIDE!!* Nobody seemed as concerned as I was.. 

Pulling up to a super chic meet up with your friends just isn’t the same in a minivan and it definitely does not feel chic. Don’t get me started on date nights – because nothing really says swoon worthy like riding to dinner in your childless minivan (insert sarcastic smile).

Its like limo service – but you’re the driver. 

The day finally came when we discussed replacing the van with something else. Needless to say that was a short discussion! I already knew exactly what I wanted after all those days of daydreaming in carline. I quickly found the perfect sleek SUV, drove off into the sunset, and we lived happily ever after… with plenty of cupholders because nobody needs fourteen!

The end.


Maybe you’re the other kind of mom and you LOVE your minivan // try this article!


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Carrie Pardue
Carrie is originally from Illinois but moved to the Destin area in 2009, where she later met her husband Lee.  They now have two spunky little boys, Elias and Oliver.  Carrie and her family moved between Destin and Nashville, TN for quite a few years - almost as backwards snowbirds - Summers in Florida & Winters in Tennessee. While in Tennessee Carrie finished her degree in Communications and soon after moving back to Florida, settled in Santa Rosa Beach. Carrie started working with Destin 30a Moms Blog once it was founded in 2017 as a contributor and purchased it early in 2019 with business partner, Whitney Whidden. The two continue to believe in connecting local moms both online and off, and creating a go-to resource for everything you need to know about motherhood on the Emerald Coast.   When she's not out around town (probably at Target or looking for the best cup of coffee) she can be found with her family enjoying trips to Walt Disney World, golfing, staying active, and spending time on the water by boat or beach!   Contact her via email at [email protected]