Ready or Not, High School Here He Comes (wait…what?)


My son was recently in Orlando, Florida without any member of his family. He’s highly supervised, of course, but this was the first time he/any of my children have been away from us for a school trip. He was there with the 8th grade class at Nature’s Classroom.  I can’t believe he’s nearing the end of his final middle school year. Ready or not, high school here he comes (wait…what?).

I’m pretty sure it was just yesterday that he cried when I dropped him off at his first day of kindergarten. Seriously, he cried and they had to pry him from my leg and take him into class. His kindergarten teacher in Waukee, Iowa was fantastic. He adjusted quickly and flourished. But, riddle me this, how is he starting high school next year??

This is a whole new world to navigate. It’s no longer the days of their favorite character folder or velcro shoes. Now I have to worry about social media, underage drinking, and dating. He will drive soon. I have to trust that I’ve done what I can to make sure that he’s a good human. I can only hope that he’s equipped to make good choices as he navigates his newfound freedom and almost adulthood.

I may not think that he is ready to make these big life changing decisions, but after nearly 14 years of guiding him and making decisions for him it’s time to make decisions with him. He recently surprised us with wanting to apply to a magnet school with a focus on engineering and robotics, coding, and art. He said he wants to get into bio medical engineering and eventually have the ability to print functional organs for transplants. I think he could change the world some way. I might not be ready but I guess it’s time. Ready or not, high school here he comes (wait…what?)