Sometimes 14 Years Pass In The Blink of An Eye


Nearly 14 years ago, a lovely nurse named Glinda placed a tiny eight pound two ounce bundle of baby boy on my chest after many hours of labor and pushing. I remember being completely in awe and also completely terrified of this new role, not to mention exhausted. I was now completely responsible for his every need and want. Somehow, some way, he’s turning 14 this month and I had to buy him all new clothes. And you guys, he bought all of his clothes from the men’s department. I am not ok.

Sometimes 14 years can pass in the blink of an eye. 

The transition was slow. First, he went from the baby side of the boy’s section to the toddler side, toddler to big boy and now you guys, it’s the men’s section. He’s aged out of certain stores completely.  We’ve got no more Batman underwear or velcro shoes. As he teeters on this edge of kid-adult, I get to be a witness of the human he’s becoming. 

When he was little I could hardly wait for the next stage. When he was fresh and new I was excited for him to roll over, and then sit up, cruise along furniture, and finally walk. Preschool was the next exciting thing for him and then elementary school. As we embark on high school this fall, I know that with these firsts also comes a last. The last time we shopped in the baby side of the store. The last time I tied his shoes for him (to be fair that wasn’t that long ago, he took a long time to learn how to do that one). The last time he asked to snuggle with me before bed. 

Everyone tells you to soak it in and that you’ll miss them when they’re gone. Is it possible to miss them while they’re still living in the house with me?  More and more he’s off doing things with his friends, and while he still respects the opinions of his parents, he’s figuring things out for himself. 

Motherhood is a lifetime and a second all at once. The firsts, the lasts, and the in betweens weave together to form a glorious tapestry called life. Some days last forever and sometimes 14 years pass in the blink of an eye.