Brittany Brown

Brittany was born on the East Coast of South Florida, but is considered a local since she has spent most her life soaking up the sun in the panhandle! She enjoys watching HGTV in her “spare time”, but as far as hobbies go she is a working mom of three small but mighty, and super busy kids with no hobbies to call her own! Constantly on the go between work and driving her kids from school to various activities she enjoys plugging in headphones and listening to music to combat the anxiety and fast pace life that comes with being a mom and a wife!
letting go

Letting Go

My kids are still young, but we have been slowly hitting milestones over the last several years that are tough to swallow, some of which are experiences that I’m not present for and letting...
thank you

Thank You To The People In My Life!

You share your life with many people, both in passing and in permanence. Friendships that come and then fade. People you meet on vacations, or at the jobs you then leave. Sometimes you get...

Paycheck to Paycheck

You’re not alone, I’ve been there mama. The struggle of living paycheck to paycheck is REAL. Some people may never know it, but lets be honest, most of us at some point in our life...
100 kisses

100 Kisses Goodnight 

Every night like clock work after the whole house is still and sound asleep, I pray over you and tuck you in with a 100 kisses goodnight.  After a long busy day of working and...
gift hack

Gift Hack, All The Bows And Tinsel

Everyone loves a good gift hack! Whether if be for a birthday, Christmas, or a simple gift to show you care, gifting is something that we all do. My number one gift hack would be,...
period panties

Period Panties

Period panties are golden. I used to think no one else had "period panties" in their drawer and that every other woman was like a magical unicorn and just didn't have crazy periods. Even though...
parenting fail

My Latest Parenting Fail

So just to get right to it: a parenting fail can totally suck, but sometimes they can be very funny too.   I recently experienced a note worthy parenting fail. Not too long ago we were...

 I Used To Be So “OCD”

Yes!... I’ll be the first to say I rerun the dishwasher without fully unloading it. Eek! Sometimes my days consist of not matching every family member's socks. Sometimes, my husband will find my socks...
traditional school

Traditional School 2020

In this year of uncertainty my kids going back to school was something I was looking forward to. We picked traditional school for our family. Not to get rid of them and out of...
never go to bed angry

Never Go To Bed Angry 

Marriage. Forgiveness. And never going to bed angry.  Marriage is tough, but let’s never go to bed angry. Being in a relationship with someone is hard work, period. Between the laughs and the tears, there...
give mom a minute

Give Mom a Minute!

Whether I’m in the bathroom going pee, taking a shower, reading hilarious parenting tweets, or eating a cookie, I’m clearly in there for a reason. Please give me privacy in the bathroom, GO AWAY,...
two kids and a Pap smear

Two Kids and a Pap Smear

I was all set to go to a doctor appointment at the gynecologist for a yearly checkup! Just me, two kids, and a pap smear. We all know that includes the stirrups and a violation...

I Never Thought I Would Be A Gardener.

So I’ve personally never been into gardening, so I NEVER thought I would be a gardener. But since we're home in quarantine my husband and I decided to completely drive right in. It wasn’t really...

The Mask of Motherhood: The “Young Mom” Edition.

My life has been a collage of ideas. Pictures of how it should be, and realities of how it has pieced together over the years. Perfectionism and “people pleasing” has kept me bound in...