Carissa Creek

Carissa was born and raised in Bowling Green Ky. Then followed her passion for art to Savannah College of Art and Design where she graduated with a degree in fiber art. She has had a love for the panhandle since her first trip in 1978 at the ripe age of 3 months. Carissa is a lover of live music, food and craft cocktails, so it’s no shocker that she found a “tribe” and made Sowal her home in 2003.

Day Trippin to Falling Waters State Park

I have always loved to get in the car and go, but lately, spontaneous day trips have become important. Unlike a vacation, I don’t have to pack, plan, buy tickets, deal with airports, etc....
onion dip

Nana’s Hot Onion Dip

Nana's hot onion dip is not just a family favorite but a crowd pleaser all around. It's only 3 ingredients but lots of flavor. Don't worry about the onion, it gets sweet and mellow...

Thanksgiving 2020 – Table for 4

Well, it's 1 billion days into the pandemic and Thanksgiving is upon us. All the changes in 2020 have me reminiscing on the large holidays growing up when everyone and anyone would come over...
online dating

Online Dating to Marriage, Never Say Never

I had prepared my family for No marriage. But I had no idea that would change in my 40’s. Online dating is the thing for us single middle-age ladies to do, right? Out of boredom,...

Love of Quilting

Quilts can tell you so much about the people who made them and when. I created my first quilt square for some extra credit in geometry during my freshman year of high school and...
adaptive yoga

I Do Have a Yoga Body- Adaptive Yoga

I’m scrolling my way through Insta one day and I see my friend Jacquie with her engaging smile, living her best life and teaching yoga. My plus size, fun size (how we say short)...

It Took a Pandemic to Open My Creative Block

Who would have thought that it would have taken a pandemic to open my creative block. Watching the world spin out of control, I felt helpless, shocked and confused. All I was sure of...

Financial Planning with Livingston Financial

I know a few things about money- mainly how to make and spend it, but when it comes to money management and our future, don’t we all need some help? College, Retirement, How, When,...

Spring Break Survival Tips for Destin 30a Locals

As spring break approaches, I start preparing for all the CHANGES we locals make. Every year I’m shocked again by the amount of Cray Cray that we endure. But every year I prepare better...