Olivia is a wife to her college sweet heart, mama to 5 beautiful miracles, whom she also homeschools. She is a returning resident of Destin, but has always been a lover of the beach. In her "spare" time she loves to read, write, yoga, swim, or run. She always prefers home cooked meals & holistic medicine for her family, but you wont find her in the kitchen on the weekends or without all the bleach in the event of a stomach bug. Balance, people. Balance. Espresso, dark chocolate, hot tea, pizza, and red wine are her favorites. You can follow her on Instagram @livvyroberts

8 Books for a Successful Homeschool Year

The problem with the Information Age is sometimes just that, too much information. I felt completely overwhelmed when I first started homeschooling, six years ago, by the amount of resources and choices at my...

My Top 5 Motherhood Books of 2021

I learned this year that a hot cup of tea and a perfectly timed book can do wonders for my soul. The following are my top 5 motherhood books of 2021. They were all...

5 Things to Do TODAY, When Motherhood Feels Weary

Are you weary mama? I am coming out of a very weary season. It wasn’t because of COVID for me. It was realizing that I am a highly sensitive introvert. And I homeschool our...
moms guide to 4th of July

Moms’ Guide To The 4th Of July In Destin and South Walton

The 4th of July holds many fond memories for me. From grilling out, to making a patriotic cake, and fireworks.  The 4th was always a fun and different holiday. Despite the inevitable heat, sweat,...
mom who reads

Becoming A Mother Who Reads

Cheerios, sippy cups, diaper changes, play dates, nap time, bath time, reading time, laundry, groceries...as a mom to three I get it. Life is FULL. Who has time to read an entire book that isn't Dr....
Walmart grocery destin

25 Hidden Gems in the Walmart Grocery {Destin}

With a military husband, my family moves A LOT.  Second to unpacking and organizing my home,  finding my new grocery store routine is the biggest struggle for me whenever we've moved. I've tried all the stores, but...
Oliva Destin 30A Mom with coffee

Meet The Contributor :: Olivia Roberts

  Hey Y'all! I'm Olivia Here's a little bit about me: I was born and raised in Indiana. I attended Indiana University where I earned my Bachelors of Science from the School of Public and Environmental Affairs (and...