Rachel originally hails from Mississippi. If you have met her that makes a lot of sense, she has true southern charm. Rachel is passionate about health and wellness and takes her fitness goals very seriously. She recently participated in her first bikini body building competition, and blew the crowd away. She is a mama of 4 and married to her high school sweet heart, they are head over heels in love. On any given day you can catch Rachel in the gym or running around her neighborhood like a boss. Rachel is also a nurse practitioner and is dedicated to making people feel their best.
2018 Mom of the Year Rachel S. on the beach

Mother Of The Year…Me?? Wait What?

After the past few months, it's time to really celebrate Mom. We've had to wear ALL. THE. HATS. and we have rocked(ish?) each and every one. Even on the roughest days when you've tried your...

Normal, Where Are You? Are You There?

As I reflect back on the previous year (some refer to as “normal” times), prior to the COVID19 pandemic, I am flooded with emotion. I treasure and hold dear the memories of the year...

Fighting COVID-19 Like a Mother

As a Family Nurse Practitioner with a background in Infectious Disease, I have had numerous people reach out to me for advice on what they need to do to prevent & protect their kids...
Body Shaming

Every Body is a Beach Body – The Shaming Needs to Stop

Fat shame, Fit shame, it’s all body shaming and it needs to stop! Let’s be honest...it’s 2020 and I am almost 100% positive every adult has experienced some form of body shaming. Unfortunately, it has become...

Love It or Hate It…That’s My Coffee Order

“May I have a quad shot of espresso in a Venti cold cup with 4 pumps of sugar free vanilla, 4 stevia, a very light splash of half and half, a venti scoop of...