Mom-Approved Mask Hacks


Face Mask FriendYou know the feeling … you finally got everyone in the car, shoes on, pottied – and then you realize there’s a pandemic. And on top of everything else, you have to get the kids to put on face masks! Well never fear, these mom approved face mask tips will make #facemasklife a little less painful for everyone:

Get a Hanging Strap

These gadgets are great so the kids can actually be in charge of their own masks! What a concept! Simply snap it to the ear-loop of any face mask you own and hang it like a necklace. This version was even invented by a mom! She calls it the Face Mask Friend and it’s available in 6 colors. It’s super lightweight, soft and machine washable. One size fits all too…so you and the hubs can use them also.

Keep a Spare Set

It’s hard enough to remember everything you need for kids. The last thing you want to do is arrive to your destination without those much needed face masks. So make life just a little simpler by keeping a spare set of masks in the car or in your purse. Put them in a baggie so they are nice and clean when you need them. And don’t forget to restock if you have to use the stash!

Make a Dirty Bin

We all know you’re supposed to wash those fabric masks regularly. But are you actually keeping up with it? Make this a little easier by putting a “clean” and “dirty” bin next to the door. When you or the kids come in, drop their mask in the dirty bin and grab a new one from the clean bin. This sets up the habit of regularly washing masks while making it really easy to see when you have a pile that’s ready for the laundry room.

And most importantly of all, give yourself a break! This is new for everyone and #masklife is crazy for everyone …especially moms!

Face Mask Friend

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