Living Healthy From The Inside Out


Healthy Living through food

When thinking about our own health it is important to remember that health comes from the inside out.

The “perfect body” is an evolving image. When I was in my teens it was a flat Britney Spears stomach you obtained by a “fat free diet” and 100 crunches a day. Now, it’s a six pack and a Kim Kardashian booty (obtained by surgical enhancements and keto). However, these muses and diets don’t necessarily equal a healthy lifestyle. Being a part of the fitness industry for years, I have seen some of the “fittest” individuals battle cancer, organ failures and deal with various emotional illnesses. Being healthy is a lifestyle, choices we make that we can easily obtain in our daily life now and ten years from now. I’ve listed two EXTREMELY simple ways to promote healthy foolproof changes IMMEDIATELY for dramatic impact.

Changing the Mindset of “Goals”

I’ve said it once and I will say it thousands of times again, when exercising do not compare numbers on a scale – compare yesterday’s workout to todays. That means every week evaluate:

  • Are you lifting more weight?
  • Are you adding more reps?
  • Is your recovery time less than before?
  • Are you adding in extra sprint, higher jump, longer run, faster walk?

Remember the eyes are tricky and you look at yourself everyday, so goals will change. Aesthetic changes will come, but when you focus and track your “work” you will feel a lot more accomplished.

Changing the Mindset of Food

EAT YOUR COLORS. This is an over simplified way to stay away from processed, packaged food. Look at your plate – how much came from a package and how much is in its’ most natural state. Vibrant colors reflect rich micronutrients necessary for healthy living. This daily evaluation is where you can make small changes within the entire family (kids most certainly included). Every meal should have at least 3-4 vibrant colors (most health experts ask for 5, but that’s rarely attainable even in my super strict clean eating house). I’m also talking about colors in their original state, NO dyes!

Make it a game with your kids – how many colors can they put on their plate? How close are they to the rainbow? Colorful veggies are a non-negotiable in our house, but I only make the ones the kids like and identify as their favorite color. When stomachs start to hurt remind yourself and your kids of what you ate. Food has a strong impact on that gut, bloating and digestion issues – it is extremely impactful to connect that for your kids.

| Written by Tiffany Edwards |


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