Peaks, Valleys, Highs and Lows – Look at the Big Picture


Over the past year I’ve been on a journey towards wellness. My journey’s taken me over 2,500 miles away on my Peloton and supplied me with endless amounts of water. I’ve had some wins, some loses and some in between.

This journey has definitely had its share of peaks, valleys, highs and lows, but the worst part of all has been the plateaus

My weight has been pretty consistent for the past three months. That, in and of itself, is a small miracle. I understand that maintaining weight is a challenge and I’m celebrating that W. The scale however is almost mocking me in its steadfastness. Day after day, week after week, putting in that sweat equity and not seeing the scale move has been a challenge. It’s easy to fall into the mindset of what is this ride even going to do? 

Not too long ago I went through everything in my closet. If a pair of jeans made me feel like my muffin top was more a busted can of biscuits? Those suckers got donated or posted directly to Poshmark. If a top didn’t fit right in any sort of way? Donated. Except for this one top. My favorite top. A shirt that was unique but perfect in so many ways. From the neckline to the sleeve to the pattern, it was legitimately my dream. It was too small when I went through everything but I couldn’t bear to get rid of it. Seeing it hanging in my closet brought me joy and hope. 

Yesterday, a headache prevented me from riding my normal 4th day. I woke up feeling discouraged and like this plateau was never ending. Getting ready for work I decided to just try this top on. Just to check my progress and see how much more work was in store. Much to my surprise and excitement, it fit! So while the scale has been infuriatingly stable, obviously something has changed. Sometimes it’s important to look at different things than the traditional metrics of measurement.

When we focus on only one small aspect we miss the big picture. And that big picture can be really beautiful. 


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