The Road Back to ME: An Enneagram Journey to Self-Discovery


If you’re anything like me you have taken about 15,000 enneagram tests online. You may even follow your specific enneagram number hashtag on instagram and repost the graphics that speak to your soul. For years and years I identified as a solid 2w3 on the enneagram. The helper. It fit. Then one day, my friend Leah randomly messaged me and said, “Are you sure you’re a 2?”

That’s it, but it was enough to get me questioning everything I knew about myself and the enneagram. 

She recommended a book called “The Way Back To You: An Enneagram Journey to Self-Discovery” and I downloaded it immediately to my phone. I devoured the first few chapters and then slowly savored my way through the different types.

The thing about enneagram is that you’re obviously going to have a little bit of each type in you. When I first started, I related a tiny bit to every type. I highlighted the sentences that I felt pertained to me. Each type only had a couple. When I got to Type 2 I was shocked to discover that not as many resonated. The internet tests couldn’t be wrong, could they? I kept reading, still fully identifying as a 2: The Helper.

When I hit the chapter on type 4, y’all, I think my brain exploded. I highlighted nearly every sentence. I texted Leah, OMG am I a 4? And she laughed at me and said probably. My entire world shifted. The reasons for my helping behavior were now uncovered. Deep scars that had been covered up for years and years were now visible. I know this sounds dramatic, but it changed my life.

Just knowing the motivators behind basically every decision I make now made sense. 

The book talks a lot about enneagram and what it’s not. It isn’t labeling yourself and putting you in this one type/box. It’s teaching you how to live up to your full potential as that specific type.

Have you taken an enneagram test? If so, what type are you?? 

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