Gift Hack, All The Bows And Tinsel


Everyone loves a good gift hack! Whether if be for a birthday, Christmas, or a simple gift to show you care, gifting is something that we all do.

My number one gift hack would be, I buy clearance or on sale items like toys and fun stuff while I’m out and about shopping during the course of the year.

This gift hack gives me a way to not break the bank all at once. I only buy stuff that I’m certain someone I know might like, for example popular toys, or good clearance items rather than junk. I don’t just buy anything. I look for everything from kid’s gifts and potential baby shower gifts, to décor gifts, teacher gifts, birthday gifts, gadgets, etc. I take them and put them in storage bins that my kids and husband don’t know exist (I only have a couple).

All of us know how birthdays sneak up on you and so does Christmas! When one of my kid’s friends has a birthday, I just let them look through the box of goodies and choose a toy! Easy Peasy! On the other hand, the “Christmas” box is different; this box blends in and my family doesn’t know it exists. I buy gifts for the hubs, “Santa” gifts, and more, and hide them away! Sometimes I don’t use all the gifts in my gift boxes, but that’s ok, I save them for the next year. I don’t have to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars at one time.

I would call this one a gift hack for the win!

I also do the same thing with gift bags, bows and wrapping paper. Be sure to hit up the stores right after the holidays, if you don’t do so already, so that you can stock up on bows, tags, and wrapping paper for Christmas and even pick out some neutral colors for birthdays, anniversaries and more!

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