How to be Stress Free at Christmas Time


Stress Less this ChristmasChristmas time is magical. The twinkle lights, stories, baking, and gifts. It really is the most wonderful time of the year.

All the traditions and commitments can add up to one giant nightmare if you allow it to. Below are a few tips to help you navigate this holiday season with ease. 

How to be stress free at Christmas time:

Do not overcommit to activities.

This goes for you and your kids. If you have a lot on your plate, don’t add more. Keep activities to minimum and only agree to things that you actually want to do.

Do not continue traditions that do not make you happy.

Family traditions are sweet and should make you feel nostalgic and happy. When traditions start to become a burden it is okay to stop doing them. 

Do not force your kids to ditch their routines.

Late parties and 24/7 sugar overload? You do not have to say yes. Having happy kids is more important than satisfying everyones plans just because it is Christmas time. 

Say “yes” with intention.

Follow through. When you do commit to something, mean it. Go above the call of duty with everything on your calendar and it will make saying “yes” mean more. And knowing what your commitment brings to the table will make saying “no” a lot easier.

Say “no” without guilt.

It does not matter what the question is, it is okay to say “no”. Do not feel bad for sticking to routines or making your kids leave a party early to keep your sanity. Do not let friends and family members make you feel bad for doing what is best for you and your family.

Do not overspend.

Do not buy gifts you can not afford or try to buy your family’s love. No one, I repeat NO ONE, remembers what they got for Christmas five years ago. They do remember the time well spent with people they love. Remember that really matters and enjoy your people. 

Christmas time does not have to be stressful. Mama, you make the judgment calls this holiday season. You know your family best and you know what works and what does not. The most important thing is that everyone enjoys the holiday and feels refreshed going into the New Year. It is possible to have a stress free Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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