Quarantine Me and Tell Me I Am Pretty


Quarantine me and, tell me I am pretty. I guess I never knew this is what I needed all along. 

Damn, if this is not a weird time to be alive but, I am kind of in to it. I guess if I am being honest with you I never thought I could be happy spending my entire life, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, at home in quarantine. But I am learning lots of things abut myself right now in quarantine. As an extrovert I never imagined this lifestyle would suit me and yet, here I am being “Positive Patty” about it all.

Sure, I have had weird moments, and stale days but, over all I am throughly enjoying my time with my kids and husband. I finish tasks now, like finish them. All the way.

I write letters to people AND send them. I wash rugs I never knew needed washed and hang them to dry in the sun. I pay attention to lizards, frogs, and birds. I participate in art lessons with my kids. I enjoy cleaning and straightening up our home, doing yoga, and bathing the dogs. I play. I do not send the kids to play so I can accomplish tasks, I actively play with them.

There is time for everything when you have nowhere to be but present. 

Overall I feel like a more patient, calmer version of myself and I never want these new parts of me to go away. Life will undoubtedly cease be the same and I am very okay with that. 

I absolutely miss my extended family and friends, of course I do. I can not wait for the day when we will hug one another and enjoy a meal together. But new me knows what is most important is here, under this roof and I am not in a hurry to go anywhere (except maybe the front yard to get some sun).

I know this isolation will not last forever but, during this difficult moment in history I am choosing to be grateful for the lessons. 

Throughout this isolation may you also find parts of yourself you let lay still for so many years. May you cultivate the type of deep and meaningful relationships with your family you never knew you could have. May you truly start to understand the difference between need and want. May you find peace and let this experience change you forever. May you seek out ways to turn darkness into light. 

Click here to read more about what to do during covid19.
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Ashley is a Santa Rosa Beach transplant from the Midwest (Bloomington, IN to be exact). She along with her side kick (husband), Jake and two dogs moved to the area over five years ago to start a business and play by the beautiful gulf. Since moving to the Emerald Coast in 2014 The Burch’s have been blessed with two littles, Huckleberry (age 4), and Edith Lucille “Edie Lu” (age 2). Ashley is a stay at home mama and a top notch homemaker. She loves to decorate, redecorate, and fill her virtual carts with area rugs she will probably never buy. She is a fantastic cook and creative baker, she is always tweaking recipes and trying new things in kitchen! She also helps her husband with their family pressure washing business. Ashley doesn’t believe in perfection and sprinkles a little humor wherever she goes. For more stories and amusement follow along with her day to day on instagram: @ashleyburch.