It Took a Pandemic to Open My Creative Block


Who would have thought that it would have taken a pandemic to open my creative block. Watching the world spin out of control, I felt helpless, shocked and confused. All I was sure of was that I wanted to help, I needed to help but HOW? I’m not a doctor, I’m not a nurse, or any type of first responder.

I must to do SOMETHING to feel helpful and get out of my head

Que the light bulb. I’m a quilter, and have a room full of supplies that are not being used. You see, a few too many years ago, I got creative block and stopped sewing. I had every excuse of why I stopped but in reality, it was creative block based in fear and excuses.
But during a pandemic, all the excuses I used were gone. All I had was time and nowhere to be or nothing to do.  The fear of creating was outweighed by my fear of being helpless. I was forced to slow down. My mind started to quiet and I started to create again.  It was music to my ears when I heard that Bernina burp and the sound of the needle punching through the fabric. Remembering how to wind the bobbin, the snip my thread cutters make- I love it all of it. 

So, I started making masks. That quickly all my creative pathways opened, after years of letting my creativity live in fear.  I have made masks for friends and family, mailed them from Kentucky to Maine. It helps with my pandemic anxiety just knowing that I contributed in a tiny way. I can focus that anxious energy into creativity!

Just like Stella, I got my groove back.

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