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Today we’re so happy to be able to share a guest post from local mom Kristy Green! If you haven’t seen her amazing DIY videos yet you’re missing out. Head over to Facebook and check her hashtag: 



But prepare to be impressed! She’s a mom, she’s building, her kids are even helping…we’re obsessed. We wanted to pick her brain a little bit about how she does it, and where she finds her inspiration, and she was kind enough to answer our burning questions: 

Q. Why do you love to do this?
 A: Well, I have a few reasons. The short answer: it’s a way for me to provide reasonably priced, hands-on learning experiences for me and my children. And because of the materials and labor my projects are all made in America and non-toxic. I am one frugal mama…However, I try not to sacrifice quality. I am always looking for value; the biggest bang for my buck in terms of the best quality AND the best price. I try really hard to not waste money. I worked really hard last year to pay off all our pressing debt and I’d like to keep it that way ?I prefer to spend my money on experience/travel, instead of things. Especially things I can make myself! 

I love to learn new things. I am always learning and growing as a person, and so are my children. I’m no stranger to audibles. You will always find me with my earphones on. I probably “read”,  well, listen to one book every week or two. And when I learn something new I can teach my kids, we learn together. They love that. So when we tackle a new project, I teach them about certain tools and the jobs they perform, and we talk about safety do’s and dont’s (which I take very seriously).

Q. What inspired you to get started? 

A. About 9 years ago I had the urge to convert my home to ensure everything in it was American made. This video helps explain a bit of that, and really inspires and motivates me to seek out more American made products. Once I realized how difficult that was, I kind of stalled out. However, I still do my best to buy American whenever possible. From my furniture, my clothes, down to our household consumables—shampoo, makeup, cleaning, even food! The kids and I frequent the farmers markets sourcing out our local farmers. Building whatever I can helps with my American-made mission.  

When you build your own furniture, you are in control of your toxic exposure. I know that sounds crazy, but a chemical free home has been my thing for about 7 years now. When I got pregnant with my first child I committed to a toxin/chemical free home and it’s been like that ever since. People do not realize that there are many things in our homes made of carcinogens, neurotoxins, hormone disruptors that cause/trigger asthma, eczema, allergies, ADHD, thyroid issues, inflammation, cancer, etc – furniture, floors and building materials included. That’s a whole other topic though!

So for me, building my own furniture not only ensures it’s cost effective (a FRACTION of retail), but it’s also made in America, and safe for my family! Win-win-win! Plus, I think it’s kind of fun.


Kristy's Bathroom Before and After

Q: Do you think this is something any mom can try or do you have some secret skill set? :
A: No secret skills! I have no carpentry experience, I’m literally learning on the job. I tackle projects by going for it with an urge to just complete the project while still being a mom and interrupted 9 gazillion times for snacks, more snacks, lunch, nap, play, referee, snuggles, boo-boo kisses…so yeah, I am an example that you can do it! In my videos you see me using certain tools for the very first time. And you don’t need to rely on help or expensive outsourcing to get these projects done. I do them all by myself! Well, I do get a hand from my 4 and 6 year old from time to time. I only work on projects while my husband is out of town or when he is at work. All tools go away when he’s home.

Sometimes as moms, we are in need of solutions. Solutions to make our mom-life more organized and stress free (if that’s even possible, but I try!). I’m all about solutions. So if i can’t find the solution I’m looking for in the marketplace at a reasonable price then I start to think “can I make/do that myself?” And my answer is usually, “I don’t know, but I can try!” 

Q: Ok, for those of us who are wanting to try this out, or even those of us who may be intimidated but really want to be better with power tools, where do we start? What’s an Easy Beginner Project?:

A: I say go for it!  I have a couple projects in mind:
1. Wooden Growth Chart Ruler – to track your children’s growth
2. Wooden Ladder – to hang towels or living room throw blankets
3. Arrows – rustic room decor
4. Restore old furniture with chalk paint— This paint is full proof! Seriously. Everything comes out adorable.
5. Picture Ledges – to display open faced books, artwork, trophies, etc.

We’re so grateful to Kristy for sharing these tips with us and getting us inspired to build! We’d love to hear from you! Are you ready to grab your tools and get to it? If you need more inspiration check Kristy’s Facebook page for more videos, plus we’ve got all kinds of project inspiration over on, where else, Pinterest. ?

Tag us (@destin30amomsblog) in your own project pics for a chance to be featured on our social media. We’d love to see what you mamas are building!

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