Paycheck to Paycheck


You’re not alone, I’ve been there mama. The struggle of living paycheck to paycheck is REAL.

Some people may never know it, but lets be honest, most of us at some point in our life have experienced financial struggles. You are not alone. It’s hard. Even when you work hard doing what you think you’re supposed to and saving, it’s hard.

It’s difficult to transition into an adult, then into parents, and living paycheck to paycheck is especially hard when you have kids.

You want to give them the world, but sometimes you can’t. It’s hard to have to pick and choose between what you have to buy, or a bill you need to pay, when your kid has asked  for something you honestly can’t afford. It’s hard to tell them no because they don’t understand, and deep down you want nothing more than to buy it for them. 

Grocery shopping on a paycheck to paycheck budget is hard. You need to get your kid’s vitamins, and all the healthy foods seem to be so expensive so you can’t even splurge and get that gallon of Blue Bell ice cream you and your husband want. You have to choose the “crap” brand of shampoo, and everything is a knock off instead of the Charmin. It’s totally okay, but it sucks. But you do what you have to. 

You do it for the kids. You pinch money where you have to to be able to spend money on special things for your kids, school supplies, even just to get those extra treats your kids love at the grocery store. Holidays are hard. You have a big eye for expensive items and wish you could buy your parents and grandparents a special gift because you love and appreciate them more than they know, but you can’t. Unfortunately, you will always need money to live and survive; you can’t just trade chickens! Keep pushing through and working hard, your diligence will prevail. It’s just a season.

Living paycheck to paycheck won’t last forever.

Here are five easy tips to help you stay on track with a budget

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