You’re Invited To The Pick up Party!


Who wants to help pick up the mess? No takers? Thats weird.

I will, lets have a pick up party!

Before I explain this let me tell you, my house is definitely not perfect (or anywhere near it!). However I see so many social media posts about ‘leave the mess, clean it up later’. Well that just isn’t me. I am that mom who stays up late to clean up and I pick up the house before I head upstairs to go to bed. I don’t do it for anyone other than myself. 

When I wake up at 5 am and head to the gym then rush home to help send my little off to school the last thing I want argue with is yesterdays dishes. Getting shoes on my son before he runs out the door is already a struggle without having to find them. 

My sanity requires clean organized spaces. I am a working-from-home mom. This is not only my home but its my workspace, my professional kitchen, my laundromat, my spa. It needs to be clean.

I credit this to my mom who always called it “Pick Up Parties”. What kind of party is that?! Listen, 12 year old me despised  “Pick Up Parties”. They came at the worst times, like right before my friends came over or right when I was about to go to sleep or worst yet; when I was about to leave the house to do something fun

Well adult me gets it!

+ Right before friends came over because who wants to show your friends a mess? Okay the good friends know I’ll occasionally leave a coffee cup and mixing bowl in the sink but thats about it. My best friends have seen this place a train wreck on those days that I just have not had 2 seconds to have a pick up party. 

+ Right when I was about to go to sleep because waking up to a mess is horrible. It’s really the worst way to start a day.  I want to wake up and make coffee, then relax for a little bit. When you’re finally feeling rested the last thing you want to do is clean. Especially a mess from the day before! I promise it’s easier to just pick up before you go to bed. 

+ Or the smartest yet, right before you leave the house to do something fun.. Imagine walking in from a really great date night only to find a disaster, its like a slap “welcome back to reality momma!” No thanks! I would rather pick it up before I leave, then come back to a clean house and continue to enjoy my day. 

I found my sanity in motherhood comes from doing the dishes, picking up the small things, and decluttering as much as possible. This way it never piles up, I am never left with an overwhelming to-do list. Also.. when my kids are playing “the floor is lava” I don’t have to worry about my throw pillows being on a messy floor, its clean! 

Try having a pick up party. Invite your kids! It may clear your mind.

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Carrie Pardue
Carrie is originally from Illinois but moved to the Destin area in 2009, where she later met her husband Lee.  They now have two spunky little boys, Elias and Oliver.  Carrie and her family moved between Destin and Nashville, TN for quite a few years - almost as backwards snowbirds - Summers in Florida & Winters in Tennessee. While in Tennessee Carrie finished her degree in Communications and soon after moving back to Florida, settled in Santa Rosa Beach. Carrie started working with Destin 30a Moms Blog once it was founded in 2017 as a contributor and purchased it early in 2019 with business partner, Whitney Whidden. The two continue to believe in connecting local moms both online and off, and creating a go-to resource for everything you need to know about motherhood on the Emerald Coast.   When she's not out around town (probably at Target or looking for the best cup of coffee) she can be found with her family enjoying trips to Walt Disney World, golfing, staying active, and spending time on the water by boat or beach!   Contact her via email at [email protected]


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