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Thankful Pumpkin for ThanksgivingAre you looking for a simple kid-friendly Thanksgiving tradition for your family? We were, so when we found the the Thankful Pumpkin it was an instant hit! The beauty of starting your own Thankful Pumpkin Tradition is it’s such a simple idea that allows for time spent together as a family, while teaching that valuable life lesson of gratitude. 

Being thankful and demonstrating an attitude of gratitude is a priority in our house, especially this month, but it has impacted our family in so many other ways.  Whenever I create time to focus on what I’m thankful for, it’s always time well spent. The overall craziness of the holiday season can cause us to feel overwhelmed quickly, so for us, the Thankful Pumpkin is perfect this time of year. 

In a world of plenty, let’s teach our littles to pause and see their blessings.


  • Grab a pumpkin or two  (You can choose to use a real or an artificial pumpkin. The up-side of the artificial is you can mark the year on the pumpkin and use it next year for decoration and inspiration.)
  • Pick out something to write with  (A black or metallic sharpie or a paint pen are all great options!)
  • If you are making a Thankful Pumpkin for the entire family, get creative and write your last name in the center and/or add the year. If each family member is making their own they can write their name (or write it for them) somewhere on the pumpkin.
  • Now for the fun: Write down one thing (or more!) that you’re thankful for on your pumpkin. Each day add to your list. The words/phrases will begin to wrap their way around the pumpkin, or you can add them at random for a different look.


At the end of the month we will have a beautiful reminder of the many blessings in our lives.

Plus, having set aside dedicated time to write down what we’re thankful for, we know we’re teaching our kids the importance of having an attitude of gratitude.  

Bonus! The ‘Thankful” pumpkin is the perfect Thanksgiving centerpiece ?

Thankful Pumpkin TraditionWe’d love to see you take up this tradition and follow along as you celebrate the Spirit of Thankfulness this month. Snap some pictures along the way and be sure to tag us @Destin30aMomsBlog .

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