Turkish Towel :: My Ride Or Die Mom Accessory

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Turkish towel is my favorite mom accessory

Ok, I know it might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think accessory, but gosh I love a Turkish towel.

 A good Turkish towel is like the Bonnie to my Clyde. It’s with me no matter what, and won’t let me down, even if I’m putting it in harm’s way. I take it with me to the Beach (so sandy), have one in the Bathroom (not kidding), use it for all the kid things (so many messes, some of them bio hazardous), and take it along for the motherhood ride (wine doesn’t scare it).  

It’s simple: A Turkish towel is my Ride-Or-Die accessory.

So of course I felt like I hit the jackpot when I found The Green Owl in Seagrove Plaza. Their private label towels are hand-loomed in Turkey and they have a huge selection. This shop is local a gem, don’t miss it! 

Here I’ve broken down a few of my favorite uses, to show you why we have every reason to be obsessed with Turkish Towels. And in case you don’t have one yet, or are just looking to get your next fix, shop local with The Green Owl!  

Green Owl Seagrove Plaza


Street Cred — As a beach mom, who LIVES in a beach town full time, I feel a certain amount of pressure to be set up and ready for the beach at all times. I want to be the mom who’s got it together with best beach bag, the right sunscreen (and plenty of it), and all the best beach accessories. Usually, however, I’m the one who forgot the buckets, only brought one shovel, and has tossed in unchilled water and unhealthy snacks at the last minute (not a Capri Sun or orange slice in sight).  This towel is makes up for all of that and gives me some solid street cred at the beach. I may have run out of the good sunscreen and my kids my be dueling for who gets to use that shovel, but DO YOU SEE MY TURKISH TOWEL? It’s very chic.  

Use it as a Beach Blanket— throw it down in the sand and let the kiddos play.

For the Beach Chair–perfect to toss over the beach chair so you look as cool as you are out there, and it’s also super absorbent so it makes a chic towel.

It’s a Bag — At some point your motherhood journey will take you to full Pack-Mule status. Tie a Turkish towel in a couple of knots, and you can actually use it to haul stuff too. 

Wear it — wrap up in it, or wear it as a sarong on those long romantic walks on the beach. Wait you’re not taking those? Not to worry, It’s just as stylish while you’re putting on everyone’s sunscreen and the chasing kids.


Yep, we’re going here. 

Replace the Terry — the smaller Turkish Tea Towels are perfect for hand towels (or as cute dish towels in the kitchen too). The great color and pattern helps the bathroom feel fancy, even when that towel gets rumpled up and tossed in the sink after your toddler takes his or her  “I can do it by myself” trip to the bathroom. 

Spa at Home — There may be little people in the bathroom with you, but hanging the full size towels on a hook in the bathroom can still give you the illusion of spa serenity. No one is more full of false hope than a mom drawing a bath for herself.  At least the decor will be nice when you get interrupted. 

Shower Curtain–Because whenever I decorate, I start imagining myself explaining to TV viewers what we did to transform this space. “As you can see, I’ve given the children’s water-play area a little summer makeover…” Get the shower curtain rings with clips, and this towel just made your kids’ splash pad bathroom HGTV worthy. Don’t believe me? See for yourself.


Receiving Blanket — These Turkish towels are pure cotton, and the more you wash them the softer they get. Perfect for wrapping up Baby’s sensitive skin.

Nursing Cover — Yep, they’re the perfect size to cover up with. If you want to cover up. If you don’t, more power to ya! 

Burp Cloth— Go straight from feedings to burping. Because it’s soft and absorbent it can double as a burp cloth. Throw it in the wash to make it that much softer at the end of the day, and. you’re ready to start all over again. The smaller Tea Towels make great burp cloths too. 

Throw Shade — Not the Bravo Housewives kind, but actual shade. Use it to cover the baby in the carseat or stroller and protect from that FL sun. 


Green Owl Turkish TowelsHere are a few times this will come in handy in your everyday mom life… 

Wine Time — This makes the perfect throw for the couch or the end of the bed for when you’re ready to curl up with Netflix or a good book and pour yourself a glass of serenity.

Gift Time— Break out the Monogram! Adding a monogram is a great personal touch for your own towel, but do it for someone else and it becomes the perfect baby shower or housewarming gift. 

Nap Time — If you can bring yourself to part with it, the size and weight also make it the perfect size to roll up in the backpacks for nap time at preschool! 

Photo Time — Turkish Towels make the best photo backdrops. Whether you want the perfect Instagram photo of your picnic day, or the perfect blanket on which to pose the baby for all those monthly milestone shots, Turkish Towels are the way to go. There are so many color and pattern combinations to choose from; grab your favorite and start snapping. And don’t forget to tag us when you do! 

Dinner Time — Use these all over your table. The larger size makes a great table runner, and the smaller towels are great for layering as napkins, or placemats. You can even use one to wrap up a wine bottle as a hostess gift. 

Laundry Time — You know when it’s date night, and also laundry day, and you cannot find any single thing that makes you feel like grown woman going out on the town? Sorry, is that just me? Towel to the rescue! It works as the most stylish wrap/shawl to elevate that same go-to outfit you’ve found yourself wearing over and over again, or to cover a last-minute spit up stain 😉 

Long story short, this one towel does it all! In case you don’t have one yet, or are just looking to get your next fix, shop local at The Green Owl! Stop by in person or online to see all the new arrivals and fun patterns!  

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