Valentine Superhero Lollipops


This time every year, the stores are filled with the latest Valentines. About 5 years ago, I decided to start the tradition of making all of our Valentines instead of buying them. Especially having boys, this holiday is usually geared towards us girls, (hey I’m not complaining). I make these superhero lollipops for my boys to take to school which usually ends up being a big hit with the boys AND girls.  All of the supplies are already in my house and it’s a lot easier to make than you may think. 

Here is what you need to make Superhero Lollipops:

  • A bag of lollipops. You can pick any lollipops you like. I like these because they are big enough for a mask and I don’t have to worry about little ones chocking on a tiny lollipop.  And truthfully, I end up eating half the bag. #win.
  • A few pieces construction paper.  
  • A glue stick
  • A pair of scissors
  • A pencil and marker
  • Tape

I first made the cape. I drew one and then cut it out, but freehand it if you’re good like that. I cut out a little heart in a different color and glued it on. Then I cut out a mask. Took a few tries at first to get it to look just right. Add eyes with black marker to the mask.  I added a message on the cape. I wrote, “you are a super friend” on the ones for the kiddos, but these also make a great treat for teachers and mama friends #spreadthelove.  

Lollipop superhero valentines

I poked a hole with scissors at the top of the cape and slid the lollipop in. I glued on the mask and added tape in the back to keep it secure while it dried. And boom we’re done! See, told you it was easy peasy! I completed a half dozen in about 30 minutes. And if your kids are cool with scissors and can help, or can help you assemble, you could probably tackle these even faster! I liked changing out the colors for a variety. My boys are are always wanting black and blue capes, but I thought all the pink and purple ones were pretty cute. Girls are superheroes too!  

Superhero Valentines

Anyone else crafting their own valentines? Tag us (@destin30amoms) on insta! We want to see!