My Latest Parenting Fail

So just to get right to it: a parenting fail can totally suck, but sometimes they can be very funny too.
I recently experienced a note worthy parenting fail. Not too long ago we were taking a family drive to run errands and while the kids were playing with their toys and doing their own thing in the back of the car (may I note: for once not fighting), my husband and I were talking about some things and catching up from our busy week. A little while goes by and our conversation leads me to quietly respond to my husband “f#%! it”. It was meant as a silly response to the conversation we were having like “oh whatever, screw it” and remember I said it quietly on purpose.

So you know that moment when your child hears you ask them to do a chore or put on their shoes and they IGNORE YOU? Well apparently it’s all a lie, and they CAN hear you! Quite frankly they have super sonic hearing.

My middle daughter Rylee immediately yells back at me, stopping her own conversation with her sister, “You can’t say f#%! it mom”. Luckily, I was in the front seat and she couldn’t see my face because I couldn’t contain myself at all. My husband then went on to inform my daughter, with the straightest face he had, that she could not herself use this language. Meanwhile, I could barely contain my laughter in the front seat. I was clearly wrong, but I really didn’t think she, or any of my kids could hear me! Sorry, not sorry! I’m not perfect.
Now ever since this incident, periodically my husband and I joke around, and he’ll be like “you can’t say f#% it mom” and it’s kind of like an inside joke now between us. I am not proud of this because I should clearly be more careful, but truly it was so innocent and it was kind of cute. Even though I feel like swear words aren’t supposed to be said and super taboo honestly; and of course, yes we know, they probably shouldn’t be said around your kids. We are all human, and these things happen and sometimes a parenting fail like this makes for family laughter and unconventional memories. So if you happen to drop some f bombs now and again and your kids are in the line of fire, know you’re no the only one!
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