Period Panties


Period panties are golden. I used to think no one else had “period panties” in their drawer and that every other woman was like a magical unicorn and just didn’t have crazy periods.

Even though we are pretty much magical unicorns, if I do say so myself.

I still don’t know how some of you have white sheets, and wear white pants or freaking WHITE bathing suits while on your period.  Please explain this madness to me. I literally want to live in a cave and stay in over-sized sweatpants and never leave the house the whole week of “shark week”.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve accidentally leaked through during the middle of the night because I turned on my side in the middle of being zonked out. Like seriously what the heck! I used to be so embarrassed and have severe anxiety about going out in public during those heavy flow days, or even going to sleep with fear of waking up to stained sheets but come to find out, for the most part, I’m not the only one. I know some women are blessed with little flows, or even no flow at all.

Periods and period panties are a gross and untapped conversation that needs to be had more often. Sometimes things like this are so taboo that it’s just never talked about.

But I do like to remind myself ALL women have or have had a period, and at least one embarrassing moment has happened to all of them. And we ALL have those go-to favorite period panties. Periods suck. Sometimes it feels like they control and run your life, but knowing you aren’t alone in your struggles and potentially embarrassing moments is reassuring. Period panties are a girls’ best friend! They are our hidden unacknowledged treasures and boy, would I be lost without them. 

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