Best Meal For Mom


With the holidays quickly approaching, many of us start thinking about spending time with family and friends. You may find yourself looking for a good place to meet friends with or without your kids for a quick meal, or a lengthy dinner. In my 9+ years in Destin I have had ample opportunity to try many of the restaurants here, and these are some of my top picks. 


Best Bloody Mary:

Hands down, Boshamps. They do this wonderful skewer with pickled shrimp; pair it with a shareable feta cheese dip, and you’re all set to catch up with friends. 

Best Quick Meal:

Although Chick-Fil-A does live up to the customer service hype, I’m going to have to go with Zoe’s Kitchen, with a second runner up as Chicken Salad Chick. Both have numerous options for both kids and adults, and you can order online, pick it up, and skip the crowds in favor of a beach picnic. It’s a win win. 

Best Meal Without Kids:

Beach Walk Cafe. Located on the very edge of Henderson Beach state park at Henderson Beach Inn, this place offers picturesque sunsets, wonderful specials, and a VIP experience where you can literally eat with your feet in the sand (offered seasonally). Reservations are required, and they do not allow children under the age of 13. Their food is amazing, and you will not leave hungry. 

Best Brunch:

This one is hard for me, because I love brunch. My top two; Another Broken Egg Cafe and First Watch Cafe, with Donut Hole coming in a close second. The Lobster and Brie omelet at Another Broken Egg is awesome, and there is something about pairing the Elevated Egg Sandwich, and Morning Meditation juice at First Watch that I just love. Donut Hole offers a “Gulf Coast Crab Meat Benedict” that is wonderful too. 

Best Meal for Moms:

A lot of thought went into this one. My biggest complaint when I go out to eat with friends and family with my kiddos in tow, is cold food. By the time I’ve cut up everyone’s food, and tried to hold a conversation for more than a couple minutes, my food is lukewarm at best, even if we have the kids’ food come out first.  McGuire’s Irish Pub has solved this problem for me. Although their steaks are the best in the area, it’s their Shepherd’s Pie that gets my #1 meal for Mom. With a thick layer of “Smashed Irish potatoes and Cheddar cheese” acting as insulation for the yummy goodness of ground steak and vegetables, you can sit there for an hour, and your food will still be hot. It’s large portion size is perfect for leftovers, and the atmosphere is great for keeping littles occupied. Add in a one pound slab of cheesecake instead of cookies and milk for Santa this year, and you’re sure to get all your heart desires; even if it’s just a hot meal and more time with family. 



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