Day Trippin to Falling Waters State Park


unplugI have always loved to get in the car and go, but lately, spontaneous day trips have become important. Unlike a vacation, I don’t have to pack, plan, buy tickets, deal with airports, etc. I just get in the car with my man, sometimes the dogs, unplug, be in the moment and reset. All the things I need to get out of my head and be present.

He has opened my mind to state parks, which I love because I’m a fancy trail hiker. Yup, I said it: FANCY. Cleared paths, marked walkways and a potty. Mostly because I’m not the most coordinated human, (maybe the least). I want to unplug and experience natures textures, sounds, and smells around me, not face down in the dirt. How can you not get out of your head with so much around you??

This trip we headed to Falling Waters State Park in Chipley, FL, just over an hour outside of Santa Rosa Beach. This park hit #allthestars on the fancy meter with its covered picnic tables, charcoal grill, and a nice playground, where I tested the swings out. I give it extra stars for the nice bathroom. Can I also just say this park is nice because people of all ages and abilities can have a great experience. You can walk, bike, and some of the trail parts can be even be done in a wheelchair. Don’t worry, you can take 4 legged kids too, on a leash of course.

We didn’t have to walk long before the first view of the waterfall, and I was on the hook to see it all. Like most state parks there is information along the trail about the local wildlife, plant life and how a sinkhole created a waterfall. Lots of history. Up near the lake that feeds the fall, there is another bathroom with a sand bank and swimming area marked off. Then we went down in the sink hole to the waterfall. The air was clean and crisp with the sun shining. To add the cherry on top, there was a freaking rainbow in the falls.

To take all this in, I am forced to leave all the crap behind that weighs me down and enjoy being in the moment. I would like to say I completely unplugged, but I had to take some photos (I use my phone) to try and capture what I was seeing. I also needed to prove I really was in nature for all the skeptics.


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