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I know a few things about money- mainly how to make and spend it, but when it comes to money management and our future, don’t we all need some help? College, Retirement, How, When, Where and Why? So overwhelming it makes my head spin.

Thank goodness we have people like Buz Livingston from Livingston Financial Planning to help us. He is a financial planner that specializes in retirement planning, investment and fee-only financial planning. I really trust the fee-only aspect of his practice because it means Buz does not get kickbacks from your investments so you can trust that he is objective and transparent. He gives advice for everyone and everyday life. Buz can help you reach your goals, no matter the size of the account.

Buz understands that there is no ONE financial mold to fit in, and he can guide you to the one that fits your needs. One thing that hit home for me was from one of Buz’s articles in the Walton Sun, where he says:

“Younger people are more likely to value experiences than stuff.”

You see, Buz along with his lovely wife, and myself have a connection for the love of music. Music is our experience, so that’s what I’m looking for- the “play now but comfort later” attitude. My goal is to travel now, instead of waiting for retirement. Because lets face it: money goals have changed from my grandparent’s era and I want someone who understands my personal needs like Buz.

We live in an area where service jobs are very common, so what about those of us who don’t work typical corporate jobs? It was easier when I had a “9-5” (cue Dolly Parton) and retirement was automatically taken out so I never had to do anything, nor did I miss that money because I never “had it”. Well Buz to the rescue because can make it easy and painless.  We can set up an Ira account and have a monthly draft! Buz suggest an IRA account at “Fidelity, T Rowe Price, or Vanguard.” 

“Now would be an excellent time for someone in their 30s to start throwing a piece of money into an IRA.”

My ”mom” friends have college on their mind. Some, because high school graduation is coming up, and others with littles who want to know how to prepare for the future. So one of the resources that I learned about through Livingston Financial is My FLORIDA PRE PAY, a college savings fund. Florida Pre-Pay gets you locked in at current tuition prices and prepay monthly or one lump sum. You have the choice of 5 plans to choose from that range from 2 or 4 years and Florida college or Florida university. The website is super easy and all you have to do is plug in your child’s birthdate and it does the math for you. The key here is earlier the cheaper, but it’s not too late to start! Open enrollment is February 1 – April 30th for current lower prices. If you already have a prepaid plan, you may be getting a refund you can also check that on the website. Livingston Financial can invest the refund for you. He can make that $$$ grow instead of getting on Amazon (my personal specialty).

Money and the future can be stressful. So go see Buz at Livingston Financial Planning and he will work with you on making your goals reality. For more information, contact Buz at 850-267-1068 or check out his website.


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