Top Cold Treats on 30A


top cold treats on 30a

There are lots of delicious, cold treats to choose from along 30a! And truly, there isn’t much better than a cold treat after a long hot day at the beach. We compiled a list of our top cold treats on 30a for you…enjoy! 


Nigel’s 30A : Seaside, FL : Chocolate Dipped Frozen Bananas + Ice Cream Bars. Yum! They also have ice cream sodas + boozy floats. *The chocolate they use for dipping is dairy free and they have vegan options according to their website. 


Under the Sea Ice Cream Shop : Blue Mountain Beach + Seagrove : They work with local farms + businesses and always have at least 24 flavors in stock!  


Blue Mountain Beach Creamery : Blue Mountain Beach : The original homemade creamery on 30a. This is a hot spot in Blue Mountain Beach and you will know you are there when you see the line out front! They offer ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbets, + donuts. 


Dawson’s Yogurt + Fudge Works : Seaside : Homemade fudge, fro-yo and soft serve, + icee’s. This is right by the Seaside shop! 


Heavenly’s Shortcakes + Ice Cream : Seaside : Authentic Italian Gelato + Mayfield Ice Cream. They also have homemade shortcakes + fresh baked cookies. 


Mr Freeze : The Hub : Ice Cream, Soft Serve, + lots of shake options! Make sure to check out the calendar of events at The Hub and grab a family movie night or live music while you are there!


Kahve + Cream : Seagrove : They offer Charlie’s Donuts, Pecan Jack’s ice cream. They have an espresso bar too!


Coast Creamery : Seagrove : Gelato + Snoballs. 


Pecan Jacks : Blue Mountain Beach : Homemade ice cream, pralines, brittle, and chocolate. 


Frost Bites : Seaside : They have been serving up Hawaiian Shave Ice in Seaside since 1994! They are right on food truck row in Seaside. 


The Candy Bar : Watercolor : Candy, Ice Cream, Cotton Candy, Shaved Ice, and more. This feels like your classic old fashioned candy shop and it is so fun!  


What are your favorites on this list?! Would you add anything else? Let us know in the comments! 


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