8 Books for a Successful Homeschool Year


The problem with the Information Age is sometimes just that, too much information. I felt completely overwhelmed when I first started homeschooling, six years ago, by the amount of resources and choices at my fingertips. But time and time again as I’ve homeschooled, now five children, I’ve realized I only need 8 books for a successful homeschool year.

So, if you’re “suddenly homeschooling” or genuinely curious HOW someone homeschools 5 different ages and stages. Please, come take a look at my favorite eight books, and you can snag almost all of them off Amazon!

The 3 R’s, Reading Writing and Arithmetic

1. Handbook for Reading by A Beka Books: teaching your child to read is one of the most rewarding and POSSIBLE educational milestones you can achieve. And with one little book you can do it in 15 minutes a day. 

2. Getty Dubay Italic Handwriting: for an easy transition to cursive penmanship, teach your child italics with these open and go workbooks. All the teaching notes are included in each workbook. You begin with workbook A for grades K/1 at 10 minutes a day building gradually each year.

3. Mathematical Reasoning & Saxon Math: for a solid open and go beginning math curriculum look no further. I use MR for age 3 through 2nd grade. I then transition my 3rd graders to Saxon 3, which can take up to two years to complete, but it provides a STRONG start in the essential arithmetic processes. Saxon then moves up through all the grades, including High School!

Spelling and English 

4. Spelling Plus: again, to teach all your ages and stages spelling, you can use one book, Spelling Plus! There are even workbooks so you don’t have to copy the spelling lists.  Everything you need to know how to teach your children how to spell successfully is included in the book. 

5. First Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind: beginning in the first grade Level 1 does an excellent job introducing your child to grammar basics. There is a CD/Audio Download to accompany Level 1. Level 2 is for 2nd/3rd Level 3 is for 3rd/4th grade and so on.  For all levels you simply open up the guide and read the lesson prompts out loud to your student. Paper and pen is often needed for copy work. Upper levels have accompanying workbooks to purchase separately.

History, Geography, and Science

6. A Child’s History of the World: for a one stop shop in world history and geography VM Hyller’s book is perfection. My learners age 6 and up love listening to me read this book out loud while they color or draw in Dover Coloring Books. Although, be careful when ordering, some copies are poorly reprinted. eBay has a few originals, but that will cost you. 

7. Exploring Nature with Children: my children LOVE this curriculum. It’s so intuitive to teach your children about nature, but unless you’re an expert it can seem daunting where to start. The author simply arranges topics by seasons, brilliant, so you open it up each month and study the natural observations! She also includes poetry and art.

Art and Penmanship 

8. Draw Write Now & Draw and Write Through History: for added penmanship work and history or science reinforcement the Draw and Write Through History or Draw Write NOW books are great. The illustrations and how to draw directions make history come alive to your student. The Draw Write Now series is great for science extensions. Each step by step drawing can be easily incorporated into your nature journal.

So, there you have it, my favorite eight books for a successful homeschool year! Please reach out to me on Instagram @LivvyRoberts if you want to talk homeschooling. 

8 Books for a Successful Homeschool Year
8 Books for a Successful Homeschool Year


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