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So, stop me if you’ve heard this one:

Ya just shelled out #allthemoney for the latest greatest phone. Oooh it looks so good. It’s so thin! It does all the things. Here I come, social media. I’m in love. “It will never leave my hand” you sigh to yourself. Actual angels are singing while you take the perfect photo with the Oh So Amazing Camera…

It’s a nice little fairy tale, isn’t it? Until that fateful day when you drop it, (or, ahem, your child drops it) and then there’s a not so happy ending which usually brings you right back to the #allthemoney part.  


Enter the phone case. I mean, we know we have to have one. You’ve gotta protect the tech, but UGH. Even the “thin” ones are big, and bulky, or at best a dull piece of clear plastic, that covers up the expensive phone you just paid all that money for (and the Rose Gold, if you went for it ?). 

I don’t know about you guys but every time I take my phone out of a bulky case I’m amazed all over again to feel how thin and lightweight it is! So when I found Bkeeni on Instagram, I knew I had to have one.

My phone is  no longer covered up under some plastic case; it’s been liberated! 

Like a fresh faced 20-something on the beach, my phone is now bearing it’s midriff and I couldn’t be more thrilled. You go, girl.  

Bkeeni phone case

I’m also notoriously clumsy and as good as this case looks (it looks so good!) I was still hesitant at first because it’s SO bare. I got more than one “You’re crazy” warning from my husband, who’s all too familiar with my talent for dropping things. So far, while wearing it’s cute new Bkeeni my phone has survived:

  • a fall from my nightstand (mkay maybe a few of those)
  • a drop out of my back pocket (oops, missed my pocket. I told you, super clutz over here)
  • several drops onto our garage floor as I tried to carry EVERYTHING inside at once (10 points if you can get all the groceries from the car to the kitchen in one trip! )  
  • a drop (or 2, or 12…) onto the kitchen tile while texting, or running in slow-mo to stop the dog from getting something off the counter, or trying to scroll through the dinner recipe with a knuckle  because I have raw chicken or some other sludge on my hands.  

And I can’t tell you exactly how many “OK Just Give Mommy One Second” moments it’s survived, but let’s just say, MANY. I’ve handed it over to the kiddos more than once, and more than once it’s landed smack dab in the middle of whatever aisle we happen to be in. But, so far, so good! 

If you’re feeling like your current phone case is just not doing it for ya, I can’t recommend the Bkeeni enough. I get compliments on it everywhere I go, and just had to take a moment to sing it’s praises.

If you want your slim, sleek phone back, you need to get it in a Bkeeni!

Bkeeni phone case

The awesome team at Bkeeni is going to help make your phone case upgrade happen! They’re currently offering $5 off! Head over to their site and use the code Summerlove to get $5 off (and shipping is always free)! This discount is for orders placed on their shop.bkeeni.com site only. We don’t get a kickback, we just want share the Bkeeni love with you all!  So go pick out your favorite color— there are 6 to choose from. 

 Be sure to tag us @destin30amomsblog and @bkeeni in your photos and let us know how much you ❤️it. 

Bkeeni photos in this post were taken by and are used with permission from Blah Blah Social


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