5 Things to Do TODAY, When Motherhood Feels Weary


Are you weary mama? I am coming out of a very weary season. It wasn’t because of COVID for me. It was realizing that I am a highly sensitive introvert. And I homeschool our five children. So, the needed quiet spaces of my life are nearly non existent. And sensitive people need quiet so we don’t become insensitive… at least so I am told… I’m going to share with you five things to do today, whenever motherhood feels weary.

When I finally realized I’ve been feeling weary and in need of nourishment I started to search for some good nutrients. I started to search for things I could do today, to nourish my soul.

Good tea with a good book for nourishment TODAY

Recently, I found a book called “Life Creative”. In the beginning of the book the author, Wendy Speake, likens motherhood to the dark ages. Sounds depressing right? Thankfully, it’s not. Because what comes after the dark ages? The author reminds us: The Renaissance. The rebirth. Michelangelo. Da’Vinci. Raphael. Many of the greatest and most beautiful things of this earthly world were created after a very dark time in history.

So, sweet mamas. From this mini history review we can take heart that anything great worth growing has to be sown. Sown underground. In the dark. In the dirt.

And, for a season, motherhood is dirty. It is dark. It is underground. Not many see what we do on a daily basis to keep these tiny humans thriving. 

But I want you to pause. Pause and remember. Remember that with the right care and nutrients you will grow in this season. And you will grow into something beautiful.

Sunrise or sunset, we need the dark to make beautiful things

Start to search for beautiful nutrients. Good things that you can do today

These are my current favorite five nutrients to nourish my weary soul…and you can do them all today, too:

1. Light a candle.

I like to light one first thing in the morning to set the tone for the house. My favorite is eucalyptus, with a sloth picture.

Light a candle, today

2. Buy fresh flowers and put them in a vase.

Try your hand at arranging them. It’s very therapeutic. 

Try your hand at arranging flowers, my boys even try for me now

3. Plug in your ear buds and listen to some beautiful music.

The Garden by Kari Jobe speaks to my soul right now.

4. Be “ish”.

Sittish. Layingish. Sweepingish. Whatever you’d like your crazy crew to be doing, but they’re not. It works. Kim John Payne elaborates on this idea beautifully on his podcast Simplicity Parenting.

5. Meditate.

Download an app and take a hot cup of tea to your quiet spot. 5 minutes. 15 if you can. It’s life giving. Jamie C. Martin over at Introverted Moms has some amazing meditations.

So, weary mama, I hope you get a moment to try some of these ideas. Let me know how it goes on instagram @livvyroberts


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