Friday Faves // Take Back Your Holiday


‘Tis the season.. of feeling super busy.  From holiday shopping, to family commitments, to finishing up end-of-year work, it’s a kinda crazy time of year to be a mama! Just wanted to drop us all a little reminder to slow down and enjoy the magic. ✨ It’s easier said than done, we know, but practice makes perfect, right?! The good news is, according to the expert we found in this Ted Talk that we’re currently obsessed with, (#1 below) there is, in fact, time to do it all. Happiest Holidays everyone! 


Friday Faves December edition

1.  TIME // apparently it really is on our side, at least that’s what the pro says. It’s a pretty inspirational reminder for this busy season of motherhood.

2. YUM // gradient marshmallows? Don’t mind if I do! Someone add these to that IV of hot cocoa we need for for this cold weather, stat! The kids will love it! 

3. HOME // Ok really? This is totally genius. ? you’re actually buying yourself time next year with this genius trick! Lots of other hacks there too. 

4. LOCAL LOVE // #mamawantstobuild has the best-ever way to use those Chip & JoJo placemats!  Spruce up (?see what we did there ?) the house for under $5!