Hurricane Prep Bingo : A Mom’s Last Minute Guide To Getting Storm Ready + FREE PRINTABLE


I believe in being prepared. I mean we do live on the Gulf Coast, so having  a hurricane Kit and an emergency plan is essential so that in the event of an emergency there’s no need to panic. Just follow the plan. 

But I’m also a mom. And it seems like every year there’s a crazy storm that sneaks up on me, and I’m left scrambling, racking my brain, running through a seemingly endless to-do list to make sure we’re all really ready.

Hurricane Prep Bingo

Remember that science experiment where you make a battery out of a lemon and a penny? YEAH ME NEITHER, which is why it’s important to have good batteries on hand. The same goes for all the other Hurricane Essentials. I’m no McGyver, so I’d much rather prepare ahead of time than face tough choices in a pinch. 

Irma is no joke, and we’re all hoping for the best, but she certainly won’t be the last storm to have everyone’s heart rate up. Whether it’s that storm that didn’t seem that bad at first that’s turning out to actually be that bad, or whether it’s been a bit since you’ve refreshed your hurricane kit, or if this is your first go-round through a storm with kids, I’ve created this little Hurricane Prep BINGO Printable to help save your sanity at storm time. 

To be clear I’ve called it BINGO because my kids love that game. I want and need my “beach kids” to understand the importance of prepping for a storm and being ready for the possibilities. The “game” factor is not to make light of a serious situation, it’s so that I can post the list where everyone can see it, and my kids can color in squares for me, or add stickers once items are completed. It’s just how I keep them involved. Feel free to think of it more as a checklist. 

The free spaces are there to allow you some personalization, and add in your family’s own to-do’s. If you don’t need them, let the kids fill them in and you’ll get to “Blackout” Bingo status that much faster!  Grab your FREE PRINTABLE RIGHT HERE

Hurricane Prep Bigo

Enjoy and Stay Safe out there! 

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