I Used To Be So “OCD”


Yes!… I’ll be the first to say I rerun the dishwasher without fully unloading it. Eek! Sometimes my days consist of not matching every family member’s socks. Sometimes, my husband will find my socks in his drawer and his in mine. Oops. Sorry not sorry babe. I have gone from folding blankets, to rolling them and piling them in on the closet shelf. I don’t put the shoes away in the shoe closet every night anymore. I don’t have spotless counters every night, and I certainly don’t have a toy free living room.

I used to clean and tidy EVERY EVENING in the late hours of the night; I would spend hours organizing and cleaning up after my family to reset and have a not-so-messy house in the morning.

But now, I leave the kids toys scattered around the house, or on the landing of the stairs, or under the dining room table. The Barbietopia the kids created stays in the hall, and even the LEGO man stays where he lay painfully under your feet when you to sit on my couch. I’ve stepped on him way too many times.

This is a no judgement zone.

I used to be so “OCD”. I was so obsessive compulsive about literally EVERYTHING… absolutely everything I did. Even down to how I would angle the soap in the bathroom. Or how I would make all the shoes face the same way. I used to color coordinate my kids clothes (can’t remember the last time I did that). Now, I’m quickly folding their clothes and shoving them in their drawers. I used be so over the top every single night, it was absolutely exhausting.

I am still pretty “OCD” honestly, but now I just pick certain things to be “OCD” about.

I’m “OCD” about where my dishes go.. except for the Tupperware drawer BECAUSE WHO HAS TIME FOR THAT. I’m “OCD” about my kids putting their own toys away, but not in the exact place I would normally put them. The new rule is as long as I don’t step on them when I tuck them in, I’m good! I’m pretty “OCD” about many household items and the special places they go, but I’ve learned that as my kids get older and more independent I can’t fix everything they do to fit my standards, including where I think my husband should unload his pockets each afternoon, and that everyone has their own way of organizing and putting things away even if it doesn’t make sense to me. So needless to say I’ve worked hard to not be “OCD” and to not obsess and freak out over all the little things! I’ve accepted that it’s okay! For tips on how to fight the mess and not stress click here. 

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