Let’s Go on a Summer Scavenger Hunt


One of our favorite spring and summer activities is going on an old-fashioned scavenger hunt. When the weather is just right you can find yourself spending an entire summer morning exploring the park and checking off list of cool finds. The great thing about a scavenger hunts is that there are SO many ways you can mix it up and make it fun and exciting for your kiddos. Here are a few helpful hints and ideas that will make every kid an expert explorer by the end of summer vacation. Have fun little explorers!

Scavenger HuntStep 1: Pick a location…scavenger hunts can come in all shapes and sizes, just think outside the box.

  • a playground
  • the beach
  • the neighborhood
  • a near by state park  
  • the grocery store (it’s a fun way to get grocery shopping accomplished)  
  • the playroom (for a rainy day)
  • your backyard
  • on a road trip  

Step 2: Make a checklist or find a checklist online. (Pinterest has a ton of free downloads)

Step 3: Give everyone a collection bag, such as a recycled gift bag or a brown paper lunch bag. Also take this time to explain any guidelines and safety reminders.

Step 4: Pick a prize, reward, or a treat for after the scavenger hunt is finished.

  • fruit popsicles
  • pencils or erasers
  • stickers
  • mini playdough containers

Step 5: Start exploring!

Other helpful hints: Make this a group play date; invite neighborhood friends, classmates, or teammates. (For bigger groups, try pairing the kids up and plenty of parent participation).  Be sure and stop for water breaks and pictures!

Don’t forget to pack the bug spray, sunscreen, snacks, and plenty of water.

Your kids will love the challenge and excitement of a summer scavenger hunt! 

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