Local Shopping: For You And Your Littles


Y’all. Do not walk. Run. To these sweet little shops I’m about to disclose to you.


If you haven’t heard already, OKO is a local set of stores we are lucky enough to have in our neck of the woods. Situated along 30A in it’s own corner of the HUB, these two shops, OKO Lifestyle and OKO Kids boast a variety of clothing and accessories for women and little ones. Not only do they carry precious garments to dress your tot from head to toe at OKO Kids, but take five steps into OKO Lifestyle and you’ll find a glam shop for women (because momma has gotta feel fabulous too). I love these stores not only because they truly carry some of the most darling and unique items along 30A, but also because the stores are run by two sisters. These sisters have also created their own clothing line, employing talented seamstresses from the Dominican Republic to showcase their pieces. It’s a sweet, sweet collaboration that you should most definitely see for yourself. I must also mention that shopping at the HUB is very conducive to families. Have your tribe grab a bite to eat, shop, then let the littles run it out on the green. It’s a win win.

 (treasures I was gifted from OKO kids)

Next on the list is LA Green, located in 30 Avenue on the east end of 30A. This amazing boutique is owned and operated by a mother daughter duo that have hand picked clothing, shoes, swimsuits, jewelry, and spa essentials for shopping made easy. Carrying brands like Free People, AG, Flying Monkey, and much more, we basically have high end department store shopping in our own backyard. While eight months pregnant, I treated myself to an addictive all natural grapefruit salt scrub carried at LA Green (pictured) that I love and use regularly. My sweet momma took me shopping there again two days before I was induced and bought me a pair of dainty gold hoops (also pictured) that I’ve worn with basically every outfit since. You could say I’m biding time until the day my little guy plays tug of war with my lobes. I’ll take my chances. They’re just SO dang cute. Like the HUB, 30 Avenue is also very conducive to family shopping, with various places to eat, scheduled live music, and outdoor games on the green. I hope you love it as much as I do.

Happy shopping, mommas! I just know you’ll find sweet treasures for you and your littles.


Bear hugs,


Annabelle Cummins