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Hey Y’all! I’m Olivia

Here’s a little bit about me:

I was born and raised in Indiana. I attended Indiana University where I earned my Bachelors of Science from the School of Public and Environmental Affairs (and met the love of my life). But since College I have lived anywhere but Indiana. So, while I am a Hoosier by birth I’ve become quite southern in my accent and affinity for sweet tea, all thanks to being married to the military.

Georgia was our first stop in the South and our first daughter was born a Peach.  North Carolina was our second stop and we added our second daughter and first son as Tarheels. Now we find ourselves in Destin, Florida on the Emerald Coast! (And yes, we’d like to add baby number four as our little bit of “sunshine” from our time in the Sunshine State, but I’ll leave that up to the divine!). Our move to Destin was by far the hardest. We left so many memories and friends in North Carolina. But being the Sunshine State I am hopeful our time here will become a beautiful memory. (There is nothing like sun, salt water, and sand to mend broken hearts, am I right?!)

kids feeding seagulls on the beach in Destin

Obviously, my life since college has basically consisted of motherhood and military life. Both have been challenging and quite the learning curve in their own ways. But as I reflect, they also have been very rich times in my life and made me who I am, for today. If there is anything I’ve learned in the inconsistency of my life its that: we ALL are growing and changing ALL the time. What a privilege to always be a caterpillar changing into a beautiful butterfly in each stage of life.

Now for some thoughts on the “Basics” :

I am almost 30. 

What is this new 30 year old body I’m learning about?!?!? I mean, why must I have so much protein (and greens) and zero carbs and still debate on a one piece or a two piece for the beach?!?! 😉 But, for the most part I am excited about being 30 because I’ve always been an old soul and 30 feels like it will fit me better than my 20’s did….even if I have to give up my 20 year old wardrobe 😉

I love good books. good wine. good workouts. good coffee.

Part of being almost 30 is that I’ve realized how important it is to model being a life learner to your children. So, I have been cultivating myself as a reader this past year. Now, you can’t have a good book without a good glass of red wine. And being almost 30 I cant have that glass of wine without a good workout. And, well lets just be honest, that workout can’t happen until after I have coffee, even if it is decaf 😉

books on counter reading list for mama

I am married to the military. It is a joyful and tearful life.

I get lectured a lot about what I can/can’t share on the world wide web about the HUGE aspect of my life that is run by the fact that I am married to a man in the military…. So I’ll just leave it as that: I’m married to the military 😉 Anyway, the military life has taught me how to be: Flexible without breaking. Minimalist without losing my mind. Spontaneous……only when I’m forced 😉

I have three little people ages: 6, 3, and almost 2. They run the show, for now 😉

Yes, I am a full time stay at home mama who is also one of the crazy ones who home schools her brood! But seriously, home schooling has taught me SO much about myself as a person. It is molding me into a more patient AND less perfections-tic mama and causing me to be more aware of how much I TRULY TRULY influence my children (good AND bad). I feel absolutely blessed to be able to afford to stay home and home school. So, while most days are, of course, magical beyond descriptions and all of my children get along and we get everything done that needs to be done and everyone smiles all day………..those days also come with an equal dose of UN-magical days. It’s life. Nothing is perfect. So, I feel privileged to work so closely with my children to show them that life, ain’t perfect.


With that all said you can expect to hear from me about health, reading, the military life, children, and the finer things in life, namely coffee & wine!

I hope this gives you a little flavor of who I am!

I’m excited to get to know y’all, all y’all even 😉


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Olivia is a wife to her college sweet heart, mama to 5 beautiful miracles, whom she also homeschools. She is a returning resident of Destin, but has always been a lover of the beach. In her "spare" time she loves to read, write, yoga, swim, or run. She always prefers home cooked meals & holistic medicine for her family, but you wont find her in the kitchen on the weekends or without all the bleach in the event of a stomach bug. Balance, people. Balance. Espresso, dark chocolate, hot tea, pizza, and red wine are her favorites. You can follow her on Instagram @livvyroberts