Mom Friends and Their Enneagram Types


The enneagram has gained wild popularity over the last couple of years, to the point where asking ‘what’s your number’ comes up fairly often in certain circles. If you are an enneagram newbie, it is a personality test of sorts that has 9 different ‘types’. Each type interprets the world a bit differently.

There are dozens of different quizzes you can take online to figure out your enneagram number as well as helpful instagram accounts. Once you dig deeper you will find some light bulb moments as well as hilarious social media memes. Let’s have a little fun breaking down how to identify our mom friends and their enneagram types. 


Your Enneagram One Mom Friend

This friend is the planner. She tends to be organized. She is dependable, consistent, and loves structure. 


Your Enneagram Two Mom Friend

This friend is the helper. She is probably always offering how she can help. She is the mom who tends to host other kids at her house. And she loves making memories!


Your Enneagram Three Mom Friend

This friend is the ultimate multitasker. Always busy. Always crushing it. You will often find her on the go and always working hard. 


Your Enneagram Four Mom Friend

This is your unique friend. She is creative, tends to love nature, and is constantly thinking outside of the box. You will always feel welcomed just as you are with this friend. 


Your Enneagram Five Mom Friend

This is your researcher friend. She is a logical friend who asks a whole bunch of questions. She doesn’t tend to love big gatherings so you will probably find her more often in more intimate settings…or with a book. 


Your Enneagram Six Mom Friend

This is your loyal friend. Once you are in the inner circle of this friend, you are in for life. Loyal to the core. They make their house their haven. And are always prepared for anything that might happen. 


Your Enneagram Seven Mom Friend

This is your super fun friend. Outgoing. Always having some sort of spontaneous fun + planning playdates. This friend tends to keep the mood light + fun. 


Your Enneagram Eight Mom Friend

This is your leader friend. Bold. Strong. Critical thinker. She will take the lead + share her opinion + work hard. She usually has a smaller group of close friends and will protect you fiercely. 


Your Enneagram Nine Mom Friend

This is your laid back friend. The peacemaker. The mom who speaks calmly + softly to their kids. She often wears comfy clothes and has a bunch of kids at her house because of her laid back nature. She helps make everyone feel at ease around her! 


That quick breakdown of mom friends and their enneagram types was so fun to put together! Do you know your enneagram number? When you read through the brief descriptions above, could you pinpoint some mom friends? I would love to hear! 






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