National Good Neighbor Day



We were about an hour away from home, on a 3 hour trip to lay my husband’s sweet grandfather to rest. It was already a pretty stressful and emotional day, and then the phone rang. Our dog has been seen wandering the neighborhood. PerfectWe start the telephone game, calling all of our neighbors, trying to figure out who is home and who can help! 

One of our neighbors was able to get our sweet pup and return him to our house. They then realized that both the front and back door were wide open. It appeared that our home had been broken into. So now we’re double stressed and I am officially an emotional wreck. 


Our neighbors took care of everything! Two of them called the police and filled them in on everything! One of them was watching the dog (that was the plan all along, but bonus points here because the poor puppy was pretty shaken up). The other was playing super spy over the fence making sure no one came back later for more. The list goes on. They acted so fast that we don’t think the culprits had time to take ANYTHING. 

While they don’t live in the neighborhood, I have to thank our neighborly law enforcement! The Walton County Sheriff’s office really stepped up. They knew we wouldn’t be home until the following day and they kept a really close eye on the house, which gave us peace of mind.

I already knew that I had amazing neighbors, and wow they really show up when we needed them. Today is National Good Neighbor Day and we really have the best. I don’t know what we would have done without the help from our super star neighbors!


| A few of my neighbors are right here! Thanks Carrie & Whitney!|


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Whitney Whidden
Whitney moved to the area from Atlanta after completing her masters degree. She met her husband, JD, while both were attending school at Auburn University. They moved to Santa Rosa Beach so that JD could join his family practice, Emerald Coast Chiropractic, as a local Chiropractor.  Whitney works from home, for an online accounting firm, where her and her furry lab, Whiskey, spend the day dreaming about vacation. Whitney loves to travel and while she does not have one specific favorite destination - her and her husband have a goal to visit every island in the Bahamas.  Whitney is a member of the young ambassador board of directors for the Emerald Coast Children's Advocacy Center. She is also a member of the Santa Rosa Beach Golf course, where you can often find her on Saturday afternoon - relaxing on the beach! Whitney has followed Destin 30a Moms Blog ever since it was founded in 2017 and was excited for the opportunity to be more involved upon purchasing it in 2019 with business partner, Carrie Pardue.