The Subscription Box That Makes Reading More Fun



The Subscription Box That Makes Reading More Fun!

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“There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.” – Walt Disney”

Getting my kids to read used to feel like pulling teeth. It took a lot of discussing. some creative convincing, a ton of consistency, and we have finally gotten to a place where they choose to read. It is honestly one of my favorite parent-wins!! One of our more recent wins is getting this subscription box that makes reading more fun! 

There are so many benefits from reading for kids: 


Cognitive development 


Attention span 

Social and emotional development 

And more!

Also…let’s be honest, getting them off of screens can feel like a big win as a mom, too!

One of the things we have found and completely fallen in love with is Literati. Literati is a subscription book box. They send you five books each month and you have a week to read through them and decide what you want to purchase. Isn’t that so cool?! It is like a subscription box that combines a library + a book store! 

There are several different age options for books so you can customize it for what your kids needs. We do the Nova box (ages 5-7) and the Phoenix box (ages 9-12). There is a $9.95 fee and then any books you choose to keep. 

We have been so impressed with the books that have come each month. There are some that are more creative like the Space Adventure book in our last box. It is a book filled with pictures that guides the child through telling a really creative and fun story. Sometimes the boxes include a book that has fun DIY or art ideas for kids to try out, which the kids always love. The two boxes that we get vary, because of the age differences, with the big kids getting more chapter books and the little girls getting more beginner reader books. I really appreciate how intentional the choices are and I also love that each box comes with an art poster based on the theme for the kids to keep. They love opening it up each month!

Whether you have babies or teens, you can find a Literati box that works for you! And I honestly cannot encourage you enough to try it. Use this link to get $25 off if you want to give Literati a try! Happy reading! 


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