Tips for Keeping Your Kids Healthy this Fall


keep your kids healthy

Tips For Keeping Your Kids Healthy This Fall

As a mom, keeping our kids healthy is the goal. When Fall rolls around each year and we eat a little more sugar, spend a little less time outside, get back to school germs…it can easily catch up to us. Here are some of those tips to keep your kids healthy this fall!


Watch your sugar. 

Before you skip right on by this one, we wont ever tell you to skip out on the fun treats! We just encourage you to be conscious of it. The holidays tend to be pretty focused on high sugar treats. In our house we try to balance out the candy corn with some extra veggies. Fun dips like hummus or ranch dressing can be helpful when it comes to getting more veggies in. Our kids are also a big fan of kale chips in the air fryer because they get extra crispy and are delicious! 

Make sleep a priority. 

Back to school and into a routine, sleep can sometimes be a struggle. Evening routines can be super helpful to prep everyone for sleep. Bath or shower, pjs on, vitamins, a book…whatever that looks like for your family…just keep experimenting until you find something that works! Also don’t forget sleep for yourself too!

Drink water.

This tip always feels the most cliche but it is SO important. Simply adding one extra glass of water a day can make a big difference. Find a fun cup or water bottle that your kids love and keep that full throughout the day!

Wash hands. 

Did you just start singing a ‘wash your hands’ song that you grew up with? Me, too. Find a fun song, teach them to use soap, and kill those germs. Foaming hand soap can be helpful so that they don’t use your entire bottle of soap in like 3 bathroom trips. 


Our family is a big believer in vitamins to help make sure we are getting the nutrients we need to stay healthy. We still try to eat well, but know we surely have some holes in our diet. Probiotics are a huge one for staying healthy so we never skip those!

Get outside.

Vitamin D helps our immune system stay strong. Lucky for us, we live somewhere that has gorgeous Fall/Winter weather. Get outside, breathe some of that fresh air, and soak up the sun for a few minutes each day. 

Watch for anxiety/stress. 

Literally every person has extra stress and trauma right now given the world we are living in. Watch for signs that your kiddo is extra stressed and try to support them. Validate their feelings, let them know they can ask you questions, and experiment to find some things that help them feel less anxious. Special blankets, calming essential oils, magnesium before bed, a warm bath…those are some of the things we use in our house with our kids that struggle with extra stress. 


Even though these tips may seem small, they can add up to make a big difference! We hope these tips help and that you have a super healthy + amazing Fall 🙂 


Want a fun Fall bucket list printable?! Click here!


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