12 of My Favorite Items for BABY!


Today I’m sharing some of my favorite items for surviving life with babies! Here we go: 

Kristen Webb

  1. Baby Monitor with video: I have been using the same baby monitor for all three of my boys and don’t know what I would’ve done without it.  I love that I can not only hear my baby but can see him too!  Seriously what did our parents do back in the day?!  There are lot of wonderful monitors on the market today, here is the one that sealed the deal for us.  
  2. Pampers Swaddlers Diapers: Ok whoever created this diaper, I need to hug them.  A white diaper with Elmo and a yellow line indicator that let’s you know when the baby needs to be changed.  The yellow turns blue!  What a genius idea.  Why didn’t I think of this?!  These diapers are a personal favorite of mine.  They’re also a bit stretchy and keep in a wet diaper in the middle of the night.  
  3. Solly Baby Wrap: I personally love the Solly Baby Wrap.  It’s thin, soft, and easy to wrap baby in.This is awesome because living in the Florida heat, I need something lightweight. It’s also easy to fold up and take on the go. Wrap baby once, and you’ll have it memorized every time. It comes in pretty colors too!  
  4. Nursing Pillow: I honestly tried to get away without this item last year with my second son, but after constantly trying to balance him on pillow, I quickly realized investing in this was exactly what I needed. It sits under him perfectly every time.  When it’s 3am, you want something that works.  Period.  https://www.nursingpillow.com
  5. 4-in-1 Cover: I bought this one from Covered Goods, black and white, soft, jersey knit top and it was a delight!  It’s easy to store, slip it on like a t-shirt, latch on baby and go!  It comes in one size, and has four different uses: Breast Feeding Cover, Car seat Cover, Shopping Cart Cover and Scarf!  I’ve done them all.  I also used it as a t-shirt for my newborn baby when carrying him in the summertime.  Since he wasn’t wearing sunscreen, and too many layers in the summer is just too hot, I slipped him in it like a t-shirt, over his little head it went, and it was perfect!  
  6. Lap Shoulder Bib:  I tried #allthebibs, and most have snaps or Velcro or buttons. My favorite bib doesn’t have any of those.  It’s a Lap Shoulder Bib from Burt’s Bees Baby, and it’s a slip on bib!  As a mom of 2 babies under 2, I multitask everyday so i need to be able to take of a bib wth one hand.  And this I can do.   If baby falls asleep, it’s easier to slip off a bib over his head, rather than unbutton, unsnap, or velcro a bib and risk waking up baby.  It’s also soft, comes in pretty colors and is organic.  
  7. Double Stroller:  There are tons of double stroller options out there, and we all have our own priorities when it comes to choosing the best option. I went with a side by side double, mostly because with my 2 under 2, I didn’t want them to argue over who gets to sit in front.  I wanted both to be able to recline back so they could snooze, and I wanted them both to be able to have a food tray to eat off of.  Even though this stroller is wide it is so easy to push, move, and turn; and so far it has fit through every single doorway! It’s definitely not the cheapest or the lightest (again, priorities vary) but in my opinion, it’s amazing!  I know I am going to have it the next 5-6 years so I think the investment is well worth it.  http://www.britax.co
  8. Dockatot: If your newborn doesn’t instantly go right into his bed on day 1 being home, this is an awesome little bed he or she can go into. Super portable, it can go in any room, in between mom and dad, plus it’s easy to travel with and store it when you’re not using it.   https://dockatot.com
  9. Velcro Swaddle Blanket: The swaddle struggle is real.  Even after my third, it took me a minute to remember how to swaddle my baby in those giant baby blankets; especially in the dark at a midnight feeding. Velcro swaddle blankets are the answers to all the swaddle prayers.
  10. Lulajo Baby’s First Year Blanket: Okay, this is only a necessity if you love taking  photos and marking every milestone. Each set includes one muslin blanket and 14 coordinating milestones for recording baby’s age from 1 day to 1 year, making the perfect backdrop for those social media birthday posts. InstaAdorable? YES. And with sets like “Loved Beyond Measure” and “I Will Move Mountains” they should be on any photo-loving mama’s wishlist (so, yeah, all of us). 
  11. Sleep Sheep: My first baby loved his mobile above the crib, my second and third did not.  Solution?  We got a sound machine for all three of our children.  This little Sleep Sheep has different sounds to choose from, and shuts off automatically.  
  12. Zipper Pajamas: I know what you’re thinking..now you need special pajamas? Haha. Nope!  I’m sure the adorable snap pajamas you have are just perfect. BUT, if you see zipper pajamas next to snap pajamas on your next shopping spree, buy the zipper ones!  You’ll thank me at that midnight feeding:) And then at 2 AM, 4 AM, etc.  I think you get the idea. No more frustration when I’m sleep deprived and trying to line up those snaps in the middle of the night.
  • LOCAL BONUS! U R My Sunshine Natural Body Lotion : This lotion is from The Green Owl, an adorable local shop in Seagrove Plaza. I love supporting local, and these ingredients are also ethically sourced. It’s a win-win! 

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Favorite Baby Items // Destin 30A Moms BlogI hope this list helps you Moms out there!  What are some of your favorite can’t-live-without baby items?  Let us know in the comments!