Red Flag Day Activities for Your Destin or 30A Trip


red flag day destin 30a

Red flag (and double red flag) days can throw a bit of a wrench in your beach plans during your Destin or 30A beach vacation. While they aren’t necessarily fun, they are definitely for your safety. So it’s important to follow the rules and we are here to help. Here are some ideas for things to do on a red flag day.

First, let’s quick chat about what the red flags mean. One red flag means that ‘knee deep is too deep’. Double red flags mean that the water is closed. There is a fine for going in the water on double red flag days, so it is in your best interest to follow those guidelines. You can even get texts so you know what the beach flags are before heading out for the day. For flag updates, text “SAFETY” to 31279

Sand Castles

You can still hang out on the beach even if you can’t go in the water. Grab a sand castle set from a local shop or even set up some lessons with a pro! 

Beach Walk

A beach walk is always a good idea. Especially if the red flags are from a storm, it can be a great time to search for shells!

Explore Local Shops 

We have so many amazing shopping areas to check out. Gulf Place, Seaside, Rosemary Beach, 30 Avenue, Grand Boulevard, Destin Commons, The Outlets. And that isn’t even all of them! 

Bike Ride 

Rent a bike and take advantage of the fantastic trails around town! 

Paddleboard On A Dune Lake 

Rent a paddle board and check out the incredible dune lakes in the area. There are different access points around town. 

Check Out A State Park 

One of our favorites has a great natural springs area that you can check out! Read more about it here. 

We hope this helps you pivot your plans for the red flag days during your Destin or 30A trip. Some good news about Florida weather is that it usually passes quickly and can change back to a yellow flag later that same day. Happy exploring! 

Locals… what else would you add to the list?!



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