Annabelle Cummins recently relocated to the panhandle with her husband and two pups from Oklahoma City, OK and is expecting her first baby (YAY, IT'S A BOY!) in mid May. She is ecstatic to contribute to Destin 30A Moms Blog, writing on all things local, and the hilarity and newness of fresh motherhood.
Where to play

Where To Play On 30A

School is back in session, holidays are around the corner, but that doesn't mean we aren't still on the lookout for fun adventures we can enjoy with our littles. Although my child is not...

Local Shopping: For You And Your Littles

Y'all. Do not walk. Run. To these sweet little shops I'm about to disclose to you. LOCAL SHOPS TO LOVE If you haven't heard already, OKO is a local set of stores we are lucky enough...
Nursing Like A Pro

Fresh Motherhood Hacks: Nursing And Pumping Like A Pro

As I approached five weeks postpartum and my babe and I adjusted to his little life outside the womb, I started internalizing, "okay, what has worked and what hasn't?" Here's a little round up...
Family Fun on 30A

Summer Family Fun Along 30A

Y'all. The dog days of summer are officially here. Where on Earth did time go?! If you're anything like me and feel like you haven't adequately taken advantage of everything 30A has to offer...
nesting // nursery

Nesting (Or Not) Here Comes Baby!

Nest: v. to make a home; n. a home where people live I had heard the term nesting time and time again as I began walking through the sweet season of pregnancy. And although I felt...