Born in Germany and raised a Jersey Girl, Sharon discovered the Emerald Coast in 2008 with her now 15 year old son, Josh. Their mother-son adventures have moved them around to places like San Antonio, TX, Amelia Island and Fort Lauderdale, but it  was Freeport where they decided to settle down with their 3 lovable labs. Sharon works full time in Sales for Visit San Antonio and enjoys her work locally assisting the 30A 10K team with their marketing and communications. When she isn't tied up she is spending time with family, running, cooking (and eating), and making endless to-do lists in one of dozens of notebooks scattered around her house.  Sharon's most current adventure is focused on the year leading to "40", and entering this next phase of motherhood and womanhood in the best mental, physical and spiritual shape of her life! Follow Sharon's adventures: Instagram - @sharonvaughn  Twitter - @eatmywaythrough  Blog - The Un-Balancing Act 
beware the chair moms who run

Beware the Chair: 3 Ways to Keep your “Mom”entum Going Strong

"Beware the chair." It's a term used by Ultra Runners to symbolize the detriment of sitting at aid stations during a race. You think you are taking a break and recharging, but lactic acid...
teen discipline

When “Because I Said So” Is No Longer Good Enough

Implementing and enforcing rules to a high-schooler is a new ballgame.  As the nuances of their lives become more complicated, so do the rules.  I missed that day of motherhood training when they passed...
Broken Bridge

From Fairy Tale to Nearly Fatal: How Breaking Made Me Stronger

At the end of 2012, five years into a long-term relationship, an event occurred that threatened my life, my physical well-being, and my ability to care for my son. In a drunken rage my...
Mother Son photo in NOLA

Meet the Contributor: Sharon Vaughn

Wow. It's really nice to be here and to have the opportunity to introduce myself to all of you! Usually I skip the small talk and go straight to my deepest thoughts but today...