Family Dinner Ideas From The Single, Working Mom Life


As the article title suggests I’m a single, working mom with 3 kids and dinner time is often my arch nemesis. I start out the day thinking I’m going to make something nutritious and yummy, but by the time I wrap up work, school pick up, errands, and homework, my healthy family dinner ideas go out the window and I’m usually ready to just pull out a frozen pizza and call it a day.

This year I started something new with my kids, and before I launch into the good stuff, I want to be upfront that my kids are now 12, 15, and newly 18. They’re capable of helping out with dinners but I know this won’t work for everyone. So, if you’re not in a season of life where something like this is an option and you’re just here for dinner inspo, grab the recipes and throw up that two finger salute from The Hunger Games. I see you, mama.

Last summer we tried out Hello Fresh and I assigned each of my kids a night to prepare dinner. They had easy recipes all lined out for them and I only had to offer some minor supervision for my 12 year old. It turned out to be so fun for them, delicious for us all, and a huge thing off my plate. At some point we ditched Hello Fresh because we realized we could just recycle the recipes and we kind of enjoy grocery shopping for our meals together  every Sunday. And now we’re trying out fun Pinterest recipes, so I’m going to share our tried and true favorites.


Favorite Family Dinner Ideas


1. BBQ Chicken Skewer Salad



2. Easy Cheeseburger Sliders



3. Tik Tok Baked Feta Pasta



4. Street Tacos



5. Black Bean Curry



6. Thai Peanut Tofu Bowls



7. Moroccan Carrot Lentil Salad



8. Chicken Enchiladas



9. Mexican Stuffed Peppers



10. Baked Ziti



I hope you find something here from this list of family dinner ideas that you love and I can’t wait to hear if you try out including your kids in the dinner prep rotation!