ROAD TRIP : Umbrella Sky Pensacola

Umbrella Sky Pensacola
When I heard there were umbrellas in the sky in Pensacola, I was #soexcited. Kid-at-Christmas-Can’t-Wait-To-Get-Over-There EXCITED.

Umbrellas in the sky?! From Portuguese artists? Oh this has my name written all over it. Be right there. 

Record scratch. 
Noooot so fast. Pensacola is far, I’ve got kids and school pick-ups and all the things. Better wait till the Holiday Break. Yeah, holiday Break. It will be glorious! I’ll be the family road trip hero, and we’ll get the New Years card photo while we’re there!  Book it, Dano. It’s happening. We’re coming to Pensacola.  
Planning that type of trip with my two kids is basically like planning for Europe for two weeks; they both need roughly the same about of packing and prep. But I’m up for the challenge!
Or at least I thought I was. 
Enter the reality of mom life: Day 2 of our highly anticipated holiday break brought a raging stomach virus through our house. It started with my youngest, and then like dominoes we fell one by one. 
Now, being sick over Christmas is tough enough, but when you’re like me and put off even TAKING THE PHOTO for the New Year’s cards until the week of Christmas break, illness poses an even bigger problem. 
Ever persistent, and committed to seeing my umbrellas, we finally ended up well enough to leave the house and drive over the weekend after Christmas. No coordinated outfits. No hair accessories or color scheme. It was more like “Pack your own snacks girls, and let’s hit the road!” I gotta say, it was really fun. And just what we all needed after being cooped up in the house for so long. 
umbrella sky exhibit
Umbrellas from Portugal in Pensacola
Umbrella Sky party Road trip from Destin
Umbrella Sky in Pensacola
rainbow umbrellas
We grabbed lunch at The Tin Cow while we were there–awesome burgers right around the corner from the umbrellas–and then drove back via the Gulf Islands National Seashore. Which I cannot recommend enough if you go out that way. Always take the scenic route!:)  Hands down my favorite stretch of beach around.
 Gulf Islands National Seashore
It is now the third week of January (ahem. Who’s counting right?) . New Years cards are made, and at my current rate of approximately 2 cards addressed per glass of wine after dinner, I should have this all wrapped up by spring break. Cheers! 
Happy New Year Destin 30a Moms

Did you seen the Umbrella Sky Exhibit in Pensacola? Tag us in your photos, we’d love to see! 

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Sara is a Nashville native, so Destin has been part of her vacation DNA for as long as she can remember. She and her husband Chris have two giggly little girls, Hadley and Lyla. Sara lived in Spain and New Orleans before calling Destin home for the first time. After a few years as a High School Spanish teacher, and a few more moves to solidify their gypsy status, she and her family wound up right back on the Emerald Coast. On the weekends you’ll find her with a camera, trying to coax her kids into staying still for "just one more". She dreams in Spanish, can dance a mean salsa, and can’t say no to an afternoon in Seaside. Follow her on instagram @saratallent


  1. I love it! I’m still sending out the last couple cards to straggler addresses I’m not finished wrangling up. And your cards are perfect. Mismatching outfits, umbrellas and all.

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