Kids’ Swimsuits That Moms Will Love Too


We live at the beach, so finding kids’ swimwear that is cute, affordable, and will last through the summer without fading or wearing out (looking at you, scratchy pool stairs) is kind of my thing. For our salt-and-chlorine-filled summer days, I am constantly on the hunt for suits my kids will like wearing, that will keep them covered, and that will last as long as humanly possible before we have to throw in the towel (see what I did there ?). It’s a tough job, but I’m on it. Here’s the shortlist of my favorite spots to search for the best kids’s swimsuits that moms will love, too.  

Kids Swimsuits That Moms Will Love Too


The prints and patterns are adorable, and the fit is always perfect. Every one we’ve purchased has lasted at least TWO beach seasons, which is major. If a colorful, practical suit, with adorable patterns + prints is your jam, then Mini Boden is the spot to search. Below are my actual kids in action as proof. They also have adult suits (and those are pretty cute too!). 

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Lake Label

Lake Label is a new swimsuit brand that offers chemical free spf options for kids. They offer really cute patterns for suits up to 3T currently. Cute suits for your kids and peace of mind for you!

Kortni Jeane

Gosh I love a mix-n-match suit. These have a decidedly vintage vibe, and super cool color palette. On minis (with mom in a matching suit!) these are too cute! For teens and tweens they would be swoon worthy. Full disclosure I don’t have teens or tweens yet, but it just seems like having this in the rotation might be a welcome change from some of the… well… smaller options out there (#justcallmethetownprude). They’ve got adult sizes too! 


This is a great go-to spot for swim basics. The quality is good, and the price is right. They have great swim shirts, and we’re especially fans of the long-sleeve one piece bathing suit. I’ve got one that burns easily, and this way she can’t decide to take the swim shirt off! It’s the small victories, y’all. 


Another print fave! If having a thing for crazy swimsuit prints is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.


Ok, did they shoot the marketing images in Seaside? Because they could have.  The soft color palette really stands out in a world of neons and bold prints. Think pretty pastels and soft gingham. Not the most cost-conscious ones on the list, but lovely all the same. 


Sorry boys, nothing for you to see here.  This is where I buy all my own suits, and for the tween set these are awesome. Cute prints, and movement-friendly cuts. 


So. Many. Good. Ones. Girls or boys, Hanna Andersson has some really great print options that are fun without being too over-the-top or loud. Lots and lots of boys trunk choices, and the girls tankini tops are the perfect length for when your daughter wants a two-piece and you’re  A). Not quite ready to go there (#onepieceforlife)  or B). Not trying to lather her whole torso in sunscreen. 

And lastly…

DO NOT underestimate the usual suspects.

One of my all-time fave suits can be found at WALMART. Of course Target’s Cat + Jack line and Old Navy have some cute ones each season too. I’ve found that these just don’t always hold up as well to the washing and wear & tear of the summer season, but they do score points for being super cute and affordable. Since every day is a beach day in the summer, it never hurts to have an extra around. 

What about you? Tag us in your summer fun pics, or leave us a note in the comments and let us know:

What’s your favorite swim suit brand for your littles? 

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