The WHAT’S Up Bag: A Guide for Summer Preparedness


Living in paradise, most people assume that we hit the beach every day. As much as I wish this were true, we have other things that we should do most days. So when the opportunity to stick our feet in the sand pops up unexpectedly, I want to be prepared.

That’s why I always have my WHAT’S Up Bag ready.

Whenever we have a few free minutes for some summertime fun, we can say yes because We Have All The Stuff.

Here’s the formula for the perfect WHAT’S Up Bag. I keep mine packed and ready to go! 

  1. Big Bag : I love the Deluxe Utility Tote from Thirty-One, or the Extra Large Canvas Tote from Land’s End , or the 4 Boys Bag from Scout !
  2. Towels + Swimwear : I keep towels and swimwear in the bag, so we’re always ready. An extra swim shirt never hurts either! Turkish Towels are great because they roll up so well and save space! If you’re feeling really proactive, a DRY change of clothes in a ziploc bag comes in handy for the ride home. 
  3. Snacks + Essentials : Packaged shelf-stable snacks, like fruit strips, and crackers, and of course, at LEAST one bottle of sunscreen (but who are we kidding, it’s more like 2-3 half used bottles. Whatever gets the job done!).
  4. Toys : I love a bubble machine! But anything from frisbees, to balls, to buckets, even the old plastic kitchen container that’s lost it’s lid can provide loads of fun out there! 


What's Up Bag for Summer //Destin30AMomsBlog

With my basic WHAT’S Up Bag packed and ready, I know I have the basics ready and don’t need to stress about getting it all together every time! I can always add some fresh fruit, water bottles or anything else I might want at the last minute.

A few other things that come in handy: baby powder for dusting sand off wet skin, baby wipes, flip flops, extra bags for garbage, and a dry bag or plastic zipper bag to protect the phone. 

What would you add? Let us know how you stay prepared for Summer Fun in the comments! 

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