On the Hunt for a Fitness Routine


Making the move to 30A this past July has been a whirlwind. My initial Mama focus was school registration and the plethora of paperwork and must-dos that come along with that task. The rest of our summer was spent getting acclimated to our new community and trying to unpack and get situated. Fast forward a few months and I can finally focus on my own health and wellness again. Knowing that group classes work best for me but having trouble finding that here has been a challenge.

This past Saturday our family decided to peruse the Watersound Town Center Farmers Market. (If you have not been yet I would definitely recommend checking it out). As I strolled the vendors under the pavilion I couldn’t help but notice the Curves On The Go booth located on the sidewalk. Delinda Harrison, the owner of our local Curves was what caught my attention. She was dancing, having the best time and exuding joy while being active. As I made my way over to her booth I was immediately welcomed by her contagious smile and positive energy. I shared with her my ongoing quest to find fitness classes here. She answered my plight with an offer to attend a class at no charge. One of the best things about her class for me was the time and location. Fitting fitness into my already jam packed days proves to be a continual hurdle. Curves On the Go has a class every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8:30 located in the Graytroom. The timing and location fit like a glove as I drop off my daughter every morning at Emerald Coast Middle School.

Wednesday morning my friend (and realtor with O’Brien Realty) Sarah and I left for school drop offs in our exercise attire and pumped to try a new workout. The 30 minute class always begins with a cardio and strength training warm up and culminates with a cool down and stretching. The crux of the class is done in 45 second intervals alternating between cardio moves and resistance band work. The entire time Delinda was motivating, encouraging and helpful. The 30 minutes went by very quickly while we broke a sweat and got our heart rates up. I especially appreciated the continuous feedback as she would assist or praise us by name throughout.  At 9am I was ecstatic having a workout complete and plenty of time to tackle my never ending to-do list.  Later that night Sarah and I both felt the aftermath- a great sign for sure.  As this local Curves grows they are planning to expand types of classes and add times. I personally am looking forward to trying the HIIT class when it is ready to be offered. Who wants to try Curves with me? Talk to me about what your workouts look like- can’t wait to hear!